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Samurai Warriors 4 Review

There are a lot of people who are familiar with the ever popular Dynasty Warriors series that has been running for many years across several different consoles. Sadly though, the Samurai Warriors series has managed to fall off the radar a bit, but with Omega Force comes back strong with this new entry in the series that fans everywhere are sure to be happy with. Samurai Warriors 4 follows suite with its Hack and Slash predecessors from both series but looks amazing, especially on PS4 which is the system i was given the chance to try the game out on, and has a robust roster to pick from. The game is set in the Sengoku era of Japan as you slowly rise to power whether by yourself or by assisting your lord to conquer the land. sam 1

So as I mentioned before there is a pretty big roster to pick from. 55 in-game characters to explore as well as a Create-a-Character option for certain game modes. Familiar faces from the era return such as Nobunaga Oda, Shingen Takeda, or Geomon Ishikawa. Several new characters also make their debut, so there are plenty of styles to try out. And speaking of, the Create-a-Character is great in this entry. Starting with the basics you pick a male or female character and move up to the type of style and weapon you wish to use, and there is a lot to pick from ranging from double swords, daggers, spears, etc. sam 2

The game play itself is the typical Hack and Slash that the series in well-known for although it did squeeze in some small additions. The biggest of which switches up the way you attack. So instead of simply using light attacks and moving into a heavy attack for the finish, you can now switch between the light and heavy option throughout the course of every combo. This new and long-awaited combo system is called “Hyper Combos”. This along with things like guard breaks and air dodging are all nice little tweaks that make you feel that much more in control on the battle field and helps ease the feeling of repetition.sam 3

The campaign mode is split into twelve different campaigns following the many warlords and influential groups of the era. Chronicle mode is the perfect Create-A-Character mode where you will slowly but surely rise to power whether on your own or supporting your chosen lord. Allowing for you to dictate how your story goes is a very awesome addition here that kept me playing for many hours on end. The amount of things you’re able to do ranging from stopping simple bandits, conquering a whole section of japan in a major battle, or simply being a foot soldier fighting for what you believe is right, there is a lot of content here. sam 4

All in all, long-term fans of the series will love Samurai Warriors 4. This entry looks very crisp and clean, and all the character models were incredibly detailed and friendly on the eyes. The PS4 version was especially impressive with the massive amounts of enemies and action happening onscreen all at once. Newcomers to the series can jump right in and not feel lost as the narrations will provide plenty of back story and insight into the situations you will play through. Yes, there is the element of repetition that is found in any warriors game, but I felt like every battle had something different to offer and that kept me interested and playing a long time. This is one entry that I would pick up for a PS4 owner’s collection hands down.

7.5 out of 10. Happy Gaming.

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