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Samurai Warriors 4-2 Review

Koei and Omega Force have brought us another very entertaining hack and slash adventure through feudal Japan with the sequel to last years hit in the form of Samurai Warriors 4-2. Just to be very clear this is not a Samurai Warriors 5 but is still strong enough to stand on its own in the series strong lineup with all other musou games. The graphics are amazing and the game features the same soundtrack that long time fans have come to know and love with its mix of modern electronic or heavy guitar riffs thrown together with the Japanese  traditional influence. With a new game mode thrown in and thousands upon thousands of enemies to cut down on your way to dominance lets get to it.sam warriors 1

So first off I have to say I actually enjoyed the campaign/story mode of this game more so than its predecessor. Samurai Warriors 4 was a massive campaign where you got the over view of all the different factions fighting for dominance and was a very impressive time sync that kept me glued to the console for hours and hours. But with 4-2 the story mode was much more personal as you follow in the footsteps of individual characters instead of a larger group. You will come to empathize and understand the individuals stories and driving motivations on a much different scale with this entry and I personally found that very appealing. Every once and awhile the stories have a few overlapping missions but do well to separate everyone’s own unique journey so I didn’t mind overlap in this title at all. sam warriors 2

I was very impressed with the graphics and movement of battle as a whole. There were no frame rate issues at all that I noticed which has been a long time issue in past Dynasty and Samurai Warriors titles due to the massive amount of enemies and actions going on all at once on screen. The character movement was super fluid and combat was smooth and transitioned nicely with every single combo you input. The battle system has some nice small additions such as the ability to counter an officers attack or block with on screen button prompts. For a second time will slow as a button is shown over the opposing officer and if your quick enough you can hit it and perform a strong counter. Although not huge this helped differentiate the fights between large hordes of normal soldiers and the more one on one fights with enemy officers a bit. Also there is the feature of a guard break that is super smooth and easy to implement as you just tap X after a normal attack and your character will rush forward in a flash to break an enemies guard.sam warriors 4

Several game modes outside of the main story will give you plenty to sink your teeth into as well. Gold Rush where you try to beat as much money out of your opponent as possible is one such entry. Time Attack mode which is a given, you simply try to decimate your enemies as quickly as possible. And the new entry is the Survival Mode. This was cool due to the fact that you are in a confined space instead of the open battlefield. You must climb the floors of a large castle clearing specific objectives along the way. These might consist of beating a specific enemy officer or simply eliminating a certain number of enemy troops. But this was alot of fun and even though the story mode was much more objective driven than past games, this mode truly gave me something to work towards.sam warriors 5

All in all Samurai Warriors 4-2 is a sequel of sorts but is still strong enough to be a stand alone title. If your new to the series I would recommend you at least play 4 first as you will get a lot more of the story first hand and you will be better able to understand the characters individual struggles. The music was great, the graphics and fluidity of the game play was very impressive, and there are hours upon hours of hack and slash fun to be had with this game. 8 out of 10.

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