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Saint’s Row 3 DLC

To me, Saint’s Row the 3rd was an amazing game. It may not have been as serious as Saint’s Row 2, which i also loved, but left in that void where Saint’s Row stopped taking itself seriously is so much over the top ridiculous action that after a while you just forget about all of that and spend all your time seeing how crazy you can get. These DLC for Saints Row the 3rd are no different

Now there are other DLC for Saints Row the 3rd such as costume and weapon packs, but today I’ll just be covering the Mission DLCs.
The fist thing I recommend is if you plan on getting all 3 of these DLC, save yourself some money and just buy the Season Pass for $20 as this also gets you the Nyte Blayde Pack for free.

You can read the official description for each DLC below and decide for yourself.

Genki Bowl VII 560 points Microsoft Points/$6.99 PSN

A genius in entertainment and mayhem, the man-cat Professor Genki has put together the most watched game show event on TV, Genkibowl VII. But every game show needs a star contestant, and Professor Genki has chosen the leader of the Saints. With the Saints’ reputation for excessive murder and carnage, Steelport’s own Zach and Bobby (of Murderbrawl fame) will give the play-by-play commentary with their newest colleague, Tammy Tolliver.
As a special surprise, the Professor has allowed his very own Genki Girls to theme the new games after themselves. Sail through the skies with Sad Panda Skyblazing. Fight through dark, shark-infested jungles in Angry Tiger’s Apocalypse Genki. And crush your way to victory in Sexy Kitten Yarngasm. But don’t forget to help Professor Genki maintain his excitement before any public appearances in Super Ethical PR Opportunity

Gangstas In Space 560 points Microsoft Points/$6.99 PSN

Hotshot director Andy Zhen has cast you as the star of his blockbuster opus, Gangstas in Space, a noble gangsta that must defend the planet against scantily-clad aliens equipped with laser beams, spaceships, and spaceships with laser beams. Along the way, you’ll mentor up-and-coming actress Jenny Jaros who plays alien Princess Kwilanna, and help her navigate the perilous waters of Hollywood stardom. Because their aint no career guidance like a gangsta’s career guidance.
includes the alien spacecraft, the Aegian, new alien gang customization options, and new homies Kwilanna and Space Brutina

Trouble with Clones 560 points Microsoft Points/$6.99 PSN

Science just got weird, thanks to Third Street Saints super fan and cloning enthusiast Jimmy Torbitson. Refusing to believe that his hero Johnny Gat died fighting the Syndicate, Torbitson meticulously acquired Gat’s DNA in order to clone the Saints chief lieutenant and bring him back to life. But this is Saints Row, and as always, something goes horribly, horribly wrong. It doesn’t help that Torbitson got a C in high school chemistry…
Now Gat’s twisted clone is on the loose, terrorizing Steelport and its well-heeled citizenry. But just as science unleashed an abomination upon Steelport, it will also be its savior. The new formula of the Saints Flow energy drink, part ginseng root, part caffeine, and part secret sauce now endows you with super powers that just happen to be super enough to take down a giant evil clone. Saints Flow remains illegal in most countries, and prohibited in California.
So drink up, bear down, and strap it on.

A few things to note;
None of these DLC seem to include a level increase, so level 50 is still the max.
The packs do include additional weapons\vehicles\homies\gang customizations you get after completing the missions.
There are additional achievements and you can replay the DLC missions repeatedly in case you miss any.
If you download the DLC and your friend wants to play with you online, all they have to do is download the free Viewer Packs which will allow them to play the DLC content with you, which is a HUGE improvement over the 1 flaw I often became frustrated with about Saints Row 2.

All in all i am more than enjoying the additional content for Saints Row the 3rd and I recommend all 3 of these DLC packs to anyone who enjoys Saints Row the 3rd.

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