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Rise of the Triad Review



Rise of the Triad Is a remake of Interceptor Entertainment’s classic game. Apogee software in a year in a half made this awesome remake with new age look, yet still keeping that old super jumping, fast moving, and gratuitous violence that we loved about the original game. When I first heard about a remake of one of my favorite first person shooters I was thrilled. I did have my fears though, that the game would have the old weapons but be the same as most first person shooters of today. I was wrong, rise of the triad amazed me once again, keeping the feel of the old games, gore and fast paced death slapped together with a awesome soundtrack.

The game play was amazing, you feel like you have superpowers running fast jumping high and then when you get weapons like the hand of god and the excalibat, you feel godlike. The game has awesome features as well like blasting a health pickup with a rocket and you gain extra health.Your enemies will also fake being dead and when your not looking they will start attacking again. I know that from personal experience. The levels are also flooded with secrets, I found myself spending a good hour on the first level alone just trying to find them all. Made me feel like I was playing an old dos shooter again.



Also for those who love multiplayer Rott has that as well, deathmatch team deathmatch as well as capture the flag. Even has the old school spectator mode. You can play online or even do local LAN, which I miss from them having in newer Shooter titles. The soundtrack was brilliant, I turned down the sound effects and pumped up the music and just enjoyed the music. The atmosphere of the game made me feel nostalgic like I was a kid again, as well as the fast paced control. Also The game is priced rather cheap being only 14,99 with all this and that price how can you not win. You get to blow the piss out of people and it has awesome multiplayer accompanied by a badass sound track how can you not lose.

In conclusion I would totally buy this for even more the 14.99. The nostalgic feel in the new environment made me feel like I was playing the original again. The weapons I loved accompanied by the music, there is now way you can turn this game down. Apogee I salute you and hope you bring us more of the old school games I loved for I would gladly play those as well. I normally wouldn’t give a game a perfect score and maybe it’s the nostalgia talking but 10 out of 10

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