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Revival Selection Review Pt. 2 – CODE: Veronica X

In my last review for the Resident Evil Revival Selection release, I reviewed Resident Evil 4. Well this time, it’s the remaining game in the release, Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X.

Originally released in 2000 for the Sega Dreamcast, CODE: Veronica was a continuation of the RE series, featuring Claire Redfield as the protagonist once again. For those of you who have no idea who Claire is, you seriously need to get out from underneath your rocks. Claire Redfield was first playable alongside Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 2. Her story involved her coming to Raccoon City to look for her brother, S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team member Chris Redfield. Unbeknownst to her at the time, Chris was already in hiding from Umbrella due to the events at the Spencer Mansion(Resident Evil 1) for the last 2 months. Anyway, she meets Leon and her fight for survival begins.

It wasn’t until 2003, that the game was ported to the Nintendo GameCube and the Playstation 2. Only this time, it was called CODE: Veronica X. The reason for the name change was because both ports got additional content, though nowhere near as hefty as the amount Resident Evil 4 did. The differences between both CODE: Veronica and CODE: Veronica X were minimal, but very noticeable. The changes were:

-Improved graphics
-9 minutes of extra cut-scenes, including Claire and Wesker meeting
-An extended fight scene between Alexia Ashford and Wesker
-An extra fight scene between Wesker and Chris in which Wesker states that he may be able to revive Steve Burnside
-An unlockable first-person mode
Like I said, minimal but noticeable. Now, if you haven’t played CODE: Veronica X, then let me touch on the story a bit. It’s be about 3 months since Raccoon City’s destruction and Claire is once again looking for her brother, Chris. Geez…talk about dedication. Anyway, her search takes her to an Umbrella facility in Paris where, after infiltrating it, she is quickly captured by the private military personnel and its commander, Rodrigo Raval. From there, she is taken to Rockfort Island, a prison facility. There, she is interrogated and imprisoned by the staff. Yeah…just like Monopoly, you go straight to jail. Anyway, some shit goes down, the island is hit with an air raid and Claire is thrown back into the world of survival horror.

Like all Resident Evil games, you end up meeting interesting characters who will either help your or want to kill you. CVX has both. Whilst exploring Rockfort Island, Claire comes across a young man named Steve Burnside. Steve was sent to Rockfort Island with his father, who happened to be an Umbrella employee, because his Dad was selling Umbrella’s secrets at an auction….AN AUCTION! Are you kidding me? Who the hell sells corporate secrets and formulas at an AUCTION? Anyway, Steve’s Mom gets aced and both of them are thrown in the prison. Steve’s attitude in the game is normal for his age(17): cocky, arrogant, and hormone-driven due to his infatuation with Claire.

Protagonists aside, there is a dark and bizarre side to this game and that would be the the Ashford Twins, Alfred and Alexia and the origins of the T-Veronica Virus. Now, I’m all about family, but something is seriously wrong with these two. Sometime in the game, you’ll come across and old video showing Alfred and Alexia pulling the wings off of a dragonfly and then dropping it into a pile of ants. Both twins smile as the dragonfly is consumed, and then they both face each other real, REAL close…like…kissing close. *shudders* Like I said, something is seriously wrong.

Now, one of the main things you’ll notice right off the bat when you play this game is that the mechanics are back to it’s classic “Run-Stop-Turn-Run” controls, albeit a bit more smooth and the unfortunate inability to control the camera. Also, this was the first game in the series to have a 3D background as opposed to the pre-rendered ones of its predecessors. Since this game was created in tandem with Resident Evil 3, CVX borrowed some of the more interesting features from it, such as being able to perform a quick, 180 turn and explosive barrels.

Weaponry in the game is pretty straight-forward too, although in this title they brought over a few nifty features from Resident Evil 2, such as the ability to upgrade your handgun, equip larger “packs” to increase inventory size as well as a crossbow with exploding bolts and other familiar weaponry. One of the absolute coolest feature in this game, is the ability to dual-wield pistols! Hell yeah, sucka! When you have 2 pistols equipped, you can aim at 2 enemies at once thus ensuring your survival rate! Also, if your inventory is full and you come across those wonderful Green Herbs and you need one, CVX let’s you use them upon pick-up. This feature would later be utilized in Resident Evil 4.

Like most Resident Evil games, you unlock stuff upon completing, or should I say surviving, the main game. In CVX’s case, you unlock several cool features. The first one is called Battle Game and this one is more in-depth than its previous versions. This one only requires you to beat the game once, but if you want to unlock the first-person version of this, you’ll need to kill the boss Nosferatu with Alfred Ashford’s rifle, and acquire the special cut-scene where Claire shoots his heart out, then beat the game. Whew…sounds like the ‘side-quest from Hell’. Anyway, you get to choose from 5 playable characters(Claire, Prototype Claire, Chris, Steve, and Wesker), each with their own set inventory and infinite ammo. The goal is to make it through each room and kick the bosses ass within a set time limit. Seasoned vets of the past RE games and Battle Modes will have little to no trouble with this.

The other unlockable is called Wesker’s Report. Now, the odd thing about this particular unlockable is because not all of the copies of CVX got it. Why this happened, is beyond me. But, if you were fortunate enough to get a copy that did have it, you were treated to a really cool ‘mockumentary’ produced by Capcom that provided backstory on the Resident Evil series, narrated by Albert Wesker himself. However, fans of the series made note of a lot of continuity and inaccuracies within Wesker’s Report. Some of the continuities, such as Wesker’s relationship with Ada Wong, were later explained in future Resident Evil titles. But hey, nobody is perfect, right? Aside from the small faults, Wesker’s Report was an excellent method of bringing new gamers and forgetful gamers up to speed on all the events leading up to CVX, from an antagonist’s point of view.

Overall, CODE: Veronica was and still is an excellent game. It brings back the classic gameplay style and difficulty, while maintaining a fresh, sexy look with the graphics. The Revival Selection version was graphically enhanced to 720p(Just like RE4) and includes trophies/achievements for all you die-hard fans. If you want to get down on all this awesome action, you can purchase the Resident Evil Revival Selection games on Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, respectively!

10 out of 10

Until next episode…

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