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RETRO MONTH: Wild Guns Review

Anyone who knows me very well knows that my all-time favorite game is this one…Wild Guns! I fucking love it! It combines two things I am interested in, Westerns(Modern) and Steampunk. Most of the time, you’ll come across sites that have a list of stuff like “Awesome Games Nobody Played” or “Top Whatever Most Overlooked Games” and typically Wild Guns is on the list…and they’re right. This game is what people like to call a “sleeper hit”. But regardless of label, the game is unbelievably fun and challenging. So, let’s get down and find out what this amazing title is all about!

Wild Guns was released on the Super Nintendo on October 30th, 1996 by Natsume…before they went fruity with the Harvest Moon series. Seriously…fuck Harvest Moon. Anyway, the game is a fixed third-person shooter very similar to Cabal or more recent-ish, Sin & Punishment on the Nintendo 64. The story takes place in the Wild West(Fucking obviously!)and is somewhat identical to the storyline of True Grit. The objective is to seek revenge against a murderous gang that killed the family member of one of the playable characters, Annie. She seeked out and has located a popular and feared bounty hunter by the name of Clint to assist her in getting revenge and to rescue the few family members she has left. The player or players navigate through several different levels (including Carson City, Nevada)fighting everything from towering machines,armored trains and even a giant robot crab! Yes you read that right…a giant, robot fucking CRAB! *points at screenshot below*

The gameplay is very interesting and somewhat easy to master. The player controls the movement of both the on-screen character and the targeting reticule with the directional pad. While shooting, the character stands still. Various maneuvers, such as jumping, double jumping and dodge-rolls are possible. All of which will save your ass because all it takes is one hit and your dead! Beyond the standard side arm, several other weapons are obtainable such as a gatling gun, shotgun, or a grenade launcher though these hold only limited ammunition. Sometimes the game will pull a fast one on you and give you a “pea shooter” that only shoots something to the effect of Nerf balls. So, you pretty much need to empty the ammo on that bunk-ass gun to get back to your normal weapon. Occasionally when you ace a bad guy, they will drop a gem or a bag of money that adds to your overall score, but it also has another interesting use. There is a little meter underneath your character’s score that, once it fills up, makes your character Super Saiyan and you get the Vulcan Cannon. This thing tears shit up more than Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel and can drop a boss fast. The downside is that you can only use it for a few seconds, so make them count! As is common in shooter games, the player has access to a number of screen-clearing bombs and each character does a unique motion when activating them. Annie fires a huge blast into the air from her gun and Clint pushes down on a TNT plunger. Both results are the same, but you get the idea. Also, another overlooked ability(That people who play this game ALWAYS forget about)is the “Stun Lasso”. By rapidly pressing the Fire button, your character will start swinging a blue lasso around that, upon contact with an enemy, will stop them dead in their tracks leaving them open for a barrage of bullets. It even works on bosses too! Now, while this nifty ability will save your ass, their are enemies that can use it too. Should you be hit with it, mash your buttons like an Eddie Gordo player and you’ll be released from the effects.

In closing, this game is too damn good to forget about. It has a lot of cool features, one being 2-player cooperative gameplay(Which makes the game more enjoyable). The music is incredibly well done and it’s a definite throwback to the good ol’ days when games were good and not regurgitated, inane mainstream bullshit. I give this game a 12 out of 10 because I fucking can! Oh and if you are curious to give it go, you can download the game on the Wii Shop Channel!

Until next episode…

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  1. K. Knight says
    June 14, 2012, 5:33 PM

    12 out of 10? I salute your originality.


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