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Resident Evil: Code Veronica Review

 Resident Evil: Code Veronica was released in Japan by the title Biohazard Code: Veronica, in 2001 it was released in America on the PS2, was revised and then released for the GameCube in 2003. The game also made reappearance in The Darkside Chronicles for the WII in 2009. 

Playing as Claire Redfield, now stuck on an island dealing with the normal zombies and creepy creatures that go along with them in every game to add a challenge. You search for clues to where your brother, Chris Redfield is at. Believing he was on the island too. Soon running into a new character named Steve Burnside who becomes an alley for most of the game.

The challenge of this game is there is a lot of back tracking and puzzles to deal with you really are running around for a long time in this game. Along with the usual zombies chasing you trying to eat you. Meeting the main villain of the game Alfred Ashford, who you immediately think is a nut case. Just some background info on Alfred, Alfred learned horrible secrets about his family leading him and his sister (Alexia Ashford) to infecting their father (Alexander Ashford) with the T-Veronica virus making him turn into Nosferatu. Soon realizing the mistake they made, the twins had a secret room added to hold their father in the mansion. Alexia found out how to properly control the viral corruption, but the process involved fifteen years in cryo-stasis. Seeing no other choice to complete her mad dream of goddesshood but to go ahead, she had Alfred seal her in the desired stasis in the underground section of the Antarctic laboratory and feign her death. Without the guidance of his sister he went even more mad.

Shortly after Claire is transferred to Rockfort island, it gets attacked. Alfred thinks that the incident is tied to Claire being there and blames her for it, soon chasing after her and Steve in a game of cat and mouse. This madness came to a climax when, in his Alexia state, attempted to kill the duo in the twins’ old playroom; he caught sight of his reflection in a mirror without his wig, smeared in make-up, and came to the realization the Alexia he had known from after the cryo-stasis was nothing more than a schizophrenic delusion of his own mind. Irrationally blaming Claire and Steve, he continued to attack them, both by releasing an experimental Tyrant to kill them, and by redirecting their escape plane to the Umbrella Corporation Antarctic Labs.

The game altogether is fun if you enjoy figuring out puzzles and don’t mind doing a lot of running back and forth from one room to the other. Just like any Resident Evil game you have a fair share of killing zombies in it, along with boss-like creatures. I myself, have never been a puzzle person but I made an exception with this game mostly because I enjoy the Resident Evil games and never have been displeased with them.

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