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Resident Evil: 6 Review

As my Xbox’s cd tray slid to a close with my copy of Resident Evil 6 nesting closely inside I felt my excitement starting to build. I mean it’s been years since Resident Evil 5 has come out. All I have to say about the game is that it’s Phenomenal  even if you’re one of those small RE fans then I still highly advise giving RE:6 a shot.

The first thing that I realized as my game was loading for the first time was the graphics. In some ways they are not that much better than RE:5, but in other ways it’s breathtaking. How to explain it, lets see well the graphics are better I mean of course they are they would have to be. But the thing that got me was the small details that they added in the game. Like you can see the sweat glisten on Jake as you play through him. Now just then I was talking about the graphics for the game play. But for the cutscenes  Trust me Capcom did not skimp on the cut scenes. There are a bunch, but when the first cut scene came on I was blown away.

One of the many reasons that I fell in love with RE:6 is the campaign choices that you get to make. Many people thought that only Leon and Helena Harper could get to play the game. Well boys and girls that is where you are wrong because RE:6 allows you to play up to 6 different players from the RE Universe, you wanted to know who they are? Well here they are! We’ve got Leon S. Kennedy and Helena Harper in the first corner then in the other corner we’ve got Chris Redfield and his trusty sidekick Piers Nivans. Then you’ve also got your lover able underdogs Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin! You even get to choose which of the pair you want to play, say one day you play Chris but for some reason you want to play Piers, go ahead!

The only downfall that I’ve found with Resident Evil:6 is the fact that each campaign mode only takes about 5 1/2 hours to beat so you can beat the game in roughly 15/16 hours as you play through all 3 campaigns. Lucky for me the story line was great so I was content to leave RE6 at what it is, a short game. If it would have been a terrible game I would have probably burned the world down, not counting one smaller thing that happens once the game has been beat by all 3 campaigns.  Although given that it has a short story line they did add a bunch of little features to try to keep the screaming masses at bay with such as collecting dog tags by beating chapters in the game or working on achievements ranging from running 10,000 feet to killing 100,000 zombies with your melee weapons. There are also to added game modes that you can play, you have your Mercenaries mode which as you all know is just kill kill kill and some more killing. Then you’ve got your Agent Hunt mode which is a lot of fun because all those times getting tormented by zombies. Now its your time to torment the players as the zombies. Yes you’ve heard correctly you get to play certain zombies and kill those horrible good guys. By the way did I fail to mention the small thing that satisfied me and saved the world from me blowing it up? Well boys and girls once the game has been fully beat and your depression from the shortness of the game is about to set in. (Drum roll) A new campaign is unlocked allowing you to play the amazing Ada Wong. Except she does not have a partner but seriously guys, She does not need a partner to destroy everything.

The controls are much the same with all of the other recent Resident Evil games closer ranging with 5. The difference is you can quickly go through your range of weapons. They also got rid of the storage locker from previous games allowing you to hold all of your guns at one given time, it’s like you have 2 back packs one for all of your weapons and the other for all of your Ammo and grenades. I found that this was a little to easy for my taste. Example, just last night I was replaying a mission to get a better score and ended up with 310 bullets for my pistol. I thought that was a little ridiculous. Although Capcom did up the fire rate for your ammo because even though I only melee 90% of the time I still found myself running out of ammo really quickly.

The upgrade system is rather interesting in 6. Getting rid of gold and bagels from 5 they added a point system. As you kill zombies and such they will sometimes drop canisters with 50-2500 points allowing you to use them at the end of the level to purchase skill upgrades such as doing more melee damage or increasing your fire rate. There are many different features to choose from. However you can only have 3 equipped at one given time, so no playing god kiddos. However Capcom did attempt to slightly fix this problem by yes allowing you to only have 3 equipped at once. But allowing you to create multiple different combinations so during game play you can switch them out on a regular basis thus at least making you a form of a demi god if you’re fast enough to constantly switch out on your skills.

All in all I found Resident Evil:6 to be an awesome game. They added enough features to keep me entertained for some time which I’m truly happy for and for these reasons I’ll gladly give Resident Evil: 6 a 9.7 out of 10. Thanks for reading because I had fun typing!

Happy Gaming!

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