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Resident Evil 5 Review

Have you ever wanted to run around Africa shooting zombies with a large variety of weapons? Well then you’re in luck because Capcom released the 5th installment of the Resident Evil universe better known as Resident Evil 5. Not much for names aye? Anyways Resident Evil 5 starts out with Chris Redfield, the ex-S.T.A.R.S. member that now chases around bio-terrorists in an organization known as the BSAA. Both he and Sheva Alomar are given a mission to track down this guy named Irving from selling a pretty deadly bio-weapon over the black market. Well as your running through the nice calm village in the beginning, you stumble across some villagers in a hut shoving a parasite down this poor villagers throat. Well as you close in to investigate, the poor villager has now officially turned into a Majini(Similar to RE4’s Ganados) and are forced to kill him. Well as all Resident Evil games go, this is when all hell breaks loose and the entire town is trying to kill you. I guess this is where your first mini-boss comes into play even though you don’t really get the chance of fighting him. Or if you call getting hit by a massive hammer-spike thing fighting then feel free. But the object is to just run from your life from all of the enemies in town for a set amount of time until your handy dandy helicopter buddy shows up to blow up the little menace, and a gate thus allowing you to continue on your path of utter zombie annihilation.  But enough about the story, would not want to ruin the story by explaining any further. But just know that the notorious Albert Wesker is back in all his glory and awesomeness.

Say you’re sitting in your chair playing Resident Evil yelling at your console because of how stupid your AI is. You think to yourself, “If only my AI could die and I could leave her and just finish the game on my on”. But you know that she has to stay alive or else you’ll get a game over and have to start over. Well today is your lucky day because invite your friend over because Resident Evil 5 has gone multi-player. So now you no longer have to buy wigs because you pulled all of your hair out do to horrible computer’s running headlong into a group of zombies. So be happy to have a smart Sheva for once. That is if you have smart friends and not friends that love to frustrate you by diving carelessly into a horde of rampaging zombies.

There are many different types of weapons that you can choose from in Resident Evil 5 ranging from pistols all the way to grenade launchers. The interesting part about this is the upgrade system that is in allowing you to turn your starter pistol into a weapon of mass destruction by allowing your ammo clip to increase fivefold while also allowing you to deal a lot more damage once you get a weapon fully upgraded. Also if you’ve ever wanted to beat zombies senseless with a whooping stick then now’s your chance because you get the handy dandy stun baton which not only is used to beat up zombies but allows you to also electrocute them at the same time.

The gameplay resembles a lot of the classic original Resident Evil films which is good because I felt that Resident Evil was starting to lose its luster. So as you’re running away from a rampaging horde of zombie you’ll actually be able to pull out whichever weapon you choose and take aim. It also depends on where you hit said zombie to deal damage, so if you want to slow them down but not kill them then you can shoot them in the leg and proceed to melee them until they decide that they do not want to go on reliving and just die all over again.

The only thing that I did not like about Resident Evil 5 is they got rid of zombies in a sense. I mean I still call them zombies for the benefit of the reader. But the zombies aren’t really zombies anymore, just regular humans infected by a parasite thus turning them into mindless people that just want the satisfaction of butchering. Resident Evil is a fun game with a fun and intriguing story line but I feel that Resident Evil 5 should stick with what they do best and that’s utterly destroying legitimate zombies. Well destroying or running for your life, just a matter of if your a coward or a fool.  One of the added bonus’s to getting sucked into the world of Resident Evil is the fact that once you beat the game you unlock another game called Resident Evil Mercenaries. Which I wont really go into much detail about, but is a lot of fun and should be played at least once.

All in all Resident Evil is a definite must play game if you’re a die hard RE fan. The story line is great, graphics are pretty good and tons of zombies to kill. The 3 best things to have in a video game. But if I was to rate RE5 I would have to give it a solid 8 out of 10


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