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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Review

Oh yes back when Resident Evil was still a Survival Horror game at its roots and could actual scare you instead of just disturb you. I remember those days, and I remember the greatness of Nemesis as a game itself. Part of the original RE trilogy Nemesis was Released back in 1999 on the Playstation and eventually ported over to the Nintendo Gamecube, PC, and even Nintendo Dreamcast. Currently the game is available on the PSN network for download and I highly recommend getting it on a current generation system if you’re a new fan to the series. Putting gamers into the shoes….or ummm…high heeled boots of heroine Jill Valentine as she tries to escape the disaster that we all know and love of Raccoon City. Now how you can fight hordes of undead and biological weapons of terror while in a tube top and mini skirt is beyond me but I’m the last one you’ll hear complaining about it. So let’s dive into Resident Evil 3 Nemesis.


The game takes place starting about a day before Resident Evil 2 before Leon Kennedy arrives in the city, and goes all the way to about two full days after. Players will be able to control two different characters in the game, one being the aforementioned Jill Valentine who is now a former STARS member who has survived the outbreak incident from the infamous mansion of Resident Evil 1 as she tries to escape Raccoon city in its final hours. The second is AWOL Umbrella military trooper named Carlos Oliviera who is now on the side of good. Both of our characters are simply trapped within the city while trying to escape and end up helping each other out while trying to survive the madness of the T-Virus but as always, its never as simple as just leaving the city as zombies are not the only things trying to kill you.


The newest and most interesting aspect to this game was the fact that instead of your zombies everywhere and then a few big boss fights near the end, the entire game was a giant boss fight. The introduction of the Nemesis brought a new horror to the game in the form of a near invincible bio weapon with the singular purpose of killing Jill Valentine. As a 7 foot tall rocket launcher toting mass of indestructible terror, what made Nemesis truly terrifying was the fact that he will randomly show up pretty much anywhere. And he is smart, can run as fast as you can and has the ability to open doors to get to you.


The controls in the game are essentially the same as RE1 and RE2 with a few minor tweaks. You now have quick access to the map by pressing L2 which can help in a tight spot. Triangle is your cancel button, O is to get into your menu, the combination of R1 and X is to shoot and the Dpad is your movement. Another new addition in the 180 degree spin that you can do and I can’t count the number of times it saved me especially while fighting the Nemesis. This plus the ability to continuously dodge incoming attacks by promptly pressing R2 at the right time were by far the best features added in my opinion. “Live Choices” have also been introduced. These scenarios are usually when the Nemesis appears but will pop up from time to time. The screen goes black and white for a few moments presenting the player with a Fight or Flight option that depending on the choice affects the course of the game itself.


Your equipment and weapon selection is pretty standard for the series and has all the familiars returning. Green Herbs, ammo boxes, keys, etc. As far as weapons go you’ll have a Grenade Launcher, .44 Magnum, M92f Handgun, Sawed off Shotgun, M4A1 assault rifle and a few others at your disposal to cause the max amount of carnage possible. Ammo conservation seems to take a major precedence in this entry compared to RE1 and RE2 due to the fact that the undead are easily increased three fold. You can’t shoot everything that moves for the fear of running out of ammo and then a very unwelcome visit from the Nemesis as that is simply a recipe for disaster. Players must be smart and know when to run or when to fight. This presents a much more desperate feeling of tension that most modern day survival horror games seriously lack in.


Several other modifications have given the game a shiny new coat of paint so to speak without ruining what was already great to begin with. Some staircases and hallways that in previous titles would require those atrocious load times don’t any longer. Now the larger ones will sadly, but it’s still a much needed and welcome change. The character models are much more pleasing to the eyes and the same goes for the disastrous environments that will change throughout the game. The ominous music gives the game a truly terrifying feel complete with the grunts and groans of the undead to crackling fire and creaking doors. A gamer’s worst nightmare would be an adequate description of the hardest difficulty option, and I mean that in a good way.

All in all Resident Evil 3 Nemesis was and still is an amazing game and has greatly withstood the test of time. Even a decade after its release it is still dubbed one of the best Survival Horror games in the genre and in my opinion rightfully so. Perhaps the last true scary entry to the Resident Evil series, Nemesis represents what made this collection of games famous. I highly recommend this to any new fan of the series to give it a play and experience what Resident Evil started as. 8.5 Out of 10. Happy Gaming Everyone.

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  1. Mark says
    October 29, 2012, 7:12 AM

    This game was cool, because it was the 1st RE game to offer ‘choices’ that were kind of menu-driven. The game wasn’t that scary to me, because the Nemesis really was only intimidating because he was a hulk, and the main character is a teeny tiny woman. I liked that you could kind of make your own ammo, as well. It’s a must-play, but for the scary factor, I’d say Code Veronica or REmake for the Gamecube is where it’s at.


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