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RAW Realms of Ancient War Review

All right gamers here is the review for the downloadable game known as RAW Realms of Ancient War. Playing this game brought me back in time a bit letting me relive the glory days of the dungeon crawlers in the strictly fantasy realm they were often placed in. You as the player have a choice of three characters to choose from consisting of the Sorcerer, the Warrior, or the Rogue as you slay your way through the games environments and dungeons.


So let’s get to the down and dirty stuff right away. This game looks like Diablo straight up, but don’t be fooled. Although I had a good amount of fun with it RAW lead to many hours of extreme frustration as well. The customization could’ve been a little more in depth than a skill tree that although you upgraded, didn’t seem to actually give any real difference making benefits. The other major issue I had was the lack of a true map at all or a mini map. Your lives were dictated by what were called soul stones. Every time you died you would loose a soul stone and begin at your last check point, but if you lost all of your soul stones you would loose all progress and all the loot you had acquired. Even playing on the easy difficulty level I was finding myself getting incredibly frustrated with being relentlessly attacked by mobs of enemies and not being able to do anything about it only to loose my gear.

One of the saving graces is the ability to possess some of the larger enemies to destroy the mobs assaulting you. But this could have been included a little more often for my taste mostly due to I felt it being incredibly fun. It is available on PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 and personally I feel it plays a little better on the console systems than PC especially when put up against modern day Dungeon Crawlers that quite simply are amazing on the PC. The price is about 1200 MSP which is a good deal. The campaign has roughly 12 hours of game play and the ability for multiplayer co op which was very enjoyable.   


All in all this was a very fun game albeit sometimes frustrating and the perfect Dungeon looting experience for someone who wants to get into this genre of games but doesn’t have the PC with the correct capabilities. With plenty of game time and some beautiful visuals, RAW’s only issue was the small lack of depth in the customization and variety. Still definitely worth a play especially at its price point. 5.5 Out of 10. Happy gaming everyone

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