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Race the Sun Review


Race the Sun is an Endless Runner were you pilot a ship through various areas while the sun is up. It is called Race the Sun because you are racing against the time of day. Your ship is solar powered, so if the sun goes down, it is game over. The game is very interest but Endless Runners on the PC always seem to feel out of place because they are meant to be played casually as time killers.

The game’s minimalist design is quite appealing in the age of highly rendered super detailed games. While the game isn’t necessarily “beautiful” due to the entire color palette consisting of gray, red and white but it is not bad to look at. Quite frankly, it is easy on the eyes.

Every time you play Race the Sun you will have a set amount of goals to complete. These will level you up and you will unlock new powerups to use in races or ship configurations. The game’s level progression system is something you see is a lot of endless runners on the iPad or other mediums. It is a welcomed staple in the genre. Your controls are the left and right directional button and the challenge is in the simplicity. That is the appeal of Race the Sun. The levels change every 24 hour and some will be easier to navigate while others will seem almost impossible. This game challenges your reflexes in a way most other games can’t.

The concept of Race the Sun is great. However, it is an endless runner, so the content is really small. The game has a tendency to guide you down a certain path when the possibilities are endless of where you can go. It is a downside because if I wanted to play the same levels again in the same way I would play a game like Gears of War. The simplicity by design is great, but only to a certain extent. The game on the C medium feels unfinished.

If this game was on the iOS it would be one of the best endless runners on the market. Race the Sun is still a blast to play when you are killing time. However, you probably won’t be playing this game actively for long periods of time. I give Race the Sun a 7/10. You can purchase Race the Sun at http://flippfly.com/. Be sure to vote for it on Steam Greenlight as well.

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