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Race the Sun: Apocalypse Mode Revealed


August 12, 2013 – Bursting through an ever-shifting world of unknown terrain, challenging fate with every second, death is the only certainty in Race the Sun. With the unveiling of Apocalypse – a new mode for the most devoutly masochistic – the end comes even sooner in Flippfly’s endless racer.

Apocalypse Mode trailer:

Race the Sun arrives August 19, for Windows, Mac, and Linux. With the latest update, pre-order customers can access the full game immediately, including Apocalypse mode.

Race the Sun is a hyper-kinetic, endless-racer with minimalist style. The rules are simple: don’t crash, rack up points, and keep boosting to keep your solar-powered craft in the ever-sinking rays of the sun. Race the Sun uses a mixture of hand-crafted and procedurally generated stages to provide a unique world every day, and invites users to create and share their own.


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