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Quake Champions

Quake Champions

At Bethesda’s E3 show case sunday they opened to a new Quake game Quake Champions reminiscent of the old Quake III Arena.

20 years ago, Quake set new standards for multiplayer competition and pushed the boundaries for graphics and gameplay,” said Tim Willits, Studio Director, id Software. “It’s important to all of us at id Software that Quake Champions remains true to the Quake legacy, and delivers the speed and gameplay our long-time fans expect, while also pressing forward by introducing innovative gameplay opportunities with new Champions and abilities.”

Quake Champions continues id Software’s tradition of pushing the boundaries of modern technology and will deliver stunning graphics running at 120hz with unlocked frame rates. The game will make it easy for new players to learn while also delivering the challenge and competition 20-year Quake veterans expect.

Quake Champions is designed and built for eSports, integrating competitive features for professional and amateur levels of play. The game will be supported at tournaments and in leagues around the globe, including QuakeCon, the annual event that attracts tens of thousands of id Software fans and competitors to Dallas.

More info will be disclosed at QuakeCon, August 4-7th but for now be sure to check out the trailer below for Quake Champions

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