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Prime World Defenders Review

prime_world_defenders_stock_01-100045716-galleryPrime world:Defenders is a tower defense game or what I like to call them Lemming death simulations, made by Nival games. When I first started playing Prime world:defenders I was blown away by the artwork. The characters were drawn so well, I saw the main character the ranger and was thinking “wow that guy looks like a badass”. Which brings me to the only disappointment really about the game, which in all honesty is just petty but I really wanted to control that guy and see what he could do. But alas you don’t, you Build your towers and defend your points and pray that the hoards of enemies don’t reach their goal. But that’s what makes it a tower defense game, wouldn’t be much of one if you were controlling a person.

I really enjoyed the system in this game, you have your normal place your towers along the path as hundreds of enemies try to push through your defenses. When you beat the level you get cards which give you new towers or spells. You can also can evolve towers and spells by combining the cards making them more powerful. When you beat a level you get ranked with stars 1-3 and you can spend those stars in the shop to by card booster packs and find rare and unique towers to bombard your enemies with. My favorite towers that I found early on in the game were the snake tower and the sun tower,  lasers and poison for the win.



The game had some plot points that I found interesting. There is a mission where you have to collect an Item called the morning star which is a thing that fell from the heavens thousands of years ago and corrupted man. Anyone catch that reference, yeah the story of Satan. I did like how they used some mythology in the game, it gave it some character mixing our myth with theirs. The only beef people may have with the game is the grind, when you get to a boss you may be under leveled and have to grind for a bit, which I don’t mind much I have played many hours of Korean MMO’s. But some people might find it annoying and repetitive at that point. At least there’s a X2 button you can hit to make the enemies move faster, which is nice because they move pretty slow. But in the end the game was rather enjoyable, killing 76 waves of enemies and praying they don’t make it through. I did get pretty frustrated with it a few times, but that means it was done right. 8 out of 10

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