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Primal Fears Review


Primal Fears is a top-down shooter with a hellish atmosphere that hopes to bring in a new era of horror. While horror games these days are on a downslope because they tend to go for a more drama approach. Primal Fears has the art style and the gameplay to give it potential to be a nice horror title. Does Primal Fears stand out when games like Alien Breed dominate the market? Well the answer to this is a bit mixed, and here is why.

A chemical known as pharGONe has been manufactured by a corporation and it turned the world into a version of hell. Mutants and Monsters run rampant as you must fight to survive and discover the truth behind the outbreak.

This is another one of those games that has a story just to set a mood. It doesn’t have a long drawn out story that rivals TV and Film. It does however give the game a nice backdrop so you aren’t just some guy shooting mutants. Well, you are just some guy shooting mutants but at least you know why there are mutants. You can find out what happened to the world and what was going on before the outbreak through news pages found throughout the world.

WCg6nSetting aside, the gameplay is pretty standard for a top down shooter such as this. You control your character with WASD and aim with the mouse. Click for attacks and scroll the mouse wheel for the weapon selection. The controls are simple, easy to get used to, and responsive. The view is not quite bird’s eye and is isometric for easier viewing.

There are a large amount of weapon to purchase each available to upgrade and enhance. Every weapon has a strength and weakness. You may not find much ammo in the field, so strategy plays a factor for planning. The story missions and arenas are easily re-playable so you can play them again at a higher difficulty when you have better weapons.

As you kill more enemies and find more stuff, you will gain money which you can use to purchase anything from rifle upgrades to turrets or drones. You also have a score multiplier that increases and decreases with kills and deaths respectively. This is what tracks you on the leaderboards. There are many different enemies, so you will find yourself experimenting with different weapon combinations to complete the level as fast as you can. The game is also heavily focused on Co-Op and you can play online with up to three other players (4 total).

The variety of weapons is very nice. The differences are noticeable immediately so you won’t feel like you are using the same weapons despite the fact you changed them from the previous level. The upgrading is not the most expansive, but it is a nice inclusion. The money gathering is a system that has been established in games like these and it works well. I would like to say that the most gratifying thing about Primal Fears is how it portrays itself.

The game doesn’t tell you what to do. You play through it totally blind. No silly tutorials, you just figure out what to do as you go along. I find this to be very admirable. My only disappointment with Primal Fears is the lack of RPG elements. I love leveling up skills in games like these. The game seems somewhat unfinished and I feel as though that is the mechanic that is missing. The horror element is not very prominent. It I the kind of horror that is supposed to make you nervous for what is around the corner rather than jump out and care you.

Primal Fears is still a great game for 10 bucks. I give it an 8.5/10. The game is really solid, but it felt a bit unfinished. Co-Op is really nice and it should be played with friends. You can pick the game up on Steam  now.

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