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Pool Nation Review

For the most part pool simulation games have usually been budget low-rent experiences that never fully utilize their full potential of the hardware. This all changes with Pool Nation. Pool Nation is a wonderful full fledged pool simulation game. It has fully crafted polished gameplay with beautiful visuals that capture the look and feel of playing a game of pool. Cherry Pop Games have mastered the playing experience of simulation pool. The game contains a stacked list of features and modes that make Pool Nation and incredibly rich title.
First and foremost there is a tournament mode for single player that takes you on an course to defeat your opponents who progressively increase in difficultly. The single player has options for either traditional 8-ball or 9-ball. As you progress through the tournaments you unlock new locations, skins, and decals. The gameplay is very smooth and well done with the heads up display being very user-friendly. To play the game you simply line up the pool stick, a indicator shows you where the ball is projected to go and then you shoot. The controls are very simple, while aiming and shooting you achieve a great sense of input. Lining up a shot and making gives is a rewarding achievement. There is also a slow-motion feature built into the game that allows you to watch balls enter the pocket. The gameplay is seamless and fast paced, one reason for this is the ability to skip the AI’s turn and contentiously play non-stop.

The visuals in the game are simply stunning. Other pool games in the past have been built on a budget to be sold at a discount, therefore their usually not very graphically appealing. The game of pool in Pool Nation look incredibly beautiful along the rich backdrop. While playing the tournament mode you have the ability to unlock new visuals. These visuals include new pool stick designs, new locations, different types of pool balls, and also new pool table material. Every one of these unlockables enhances your pool playing experience as they take advantage of just how good this game looks.

There are several different unique gameplay modes in Pool Nation My personal favorite was “Endurance Mode”. In endurance mode the object of the the game is to rapidly shoot pool balls in the pockets while trying to “stay alive”. To stay alive you are required to have less than 24 pool balls on the table at any given time. As you successfully pocket balls, more balls appear, making it harder to stay under the limit of 24. Your score is based on how long you can last. This mode was a lot of fun, I probably spent more time playing Endurance Mode than any other part of the game.
Pool Nation is quite possibly the best pool simulation game ever made. The playing table is the game is gorgeous and the environments are beautiful. Along with the stunning visuals, Pool Nation provides a fun, debt experience. Progressing through the single player is rewarding as you contentiously unlock new fantastic visual enhancements. There are also plenty of different types of games that you probably enjoy more than the traditional 8-ball.

Final Score:8/10

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