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Police Called Out to Investigate Ouya’s Presence

Ouya isn’t attending the E3 convention. Instead they are attending the lesser-known “Parking Lot Across from E3”. However, the Entertainment Software Association, the company which owns and operates the E3 Expo, called the Los Angeles Police Department today in an attempt to shut down Ouya’s public presence at Parking Lot Across from E3 2013.

According to Ouya, this is just another in a line of harassment from ESA. Ouya's founder, Julie Uhrman claims that the space was rented out to showcase their new console, but the ESA had then rented the space directly in front of them and parked several large semi trucks in front of the booth. In response, Ouya rented the space in front of the Semi Trucks to hang banners. Shortly after the police arrived to double-check Ouya permits. Everything was in order so the police left shortly after with little incident.

No matter what happens next, Uhrman is confident that they will have appropriate responses to any further action the ESA takes.

Source: IGN

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