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Pokemon X and Y Review

So everyone knows Pokemon, even if you’ve never watched the anime or played any of the games. So its reasonable to say that the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y was easily one of the biggest releases of the year. Developed by Gamefreak and Published by Nintendo the franchise proves that it is still running strong in its sixth generation release on the 3DS. One thing that was new was a simultaneous global release on October 12, 2013 allowing everyone to play the game globally at the same time through the new online features. No more days of link cables or infrared beams connecting. No sir you can now battle, trade, and interact with players globally at anytime. The duo of Pokemon games also holds the record for best selling game on the Nintendo 3DS System to boot.pxy1

So first off the most obvious change in the series is its appearance in game. The new world puts a refreshing new spin on the classic god’s eye view that has been around for many years in the Pokemon handheld franchise. The camera will move around the character at certain points instead of the constant overhead, allowing the player to have a new perspective for there enviroment. The 3d battles are gorgeous and really do the 3DS system justice whether its watching a spout of water roll over the oponnent or a wall of flames to encircle them. All of the character animations are well done for the battle system as well, as Pokemon react to being struck by moves and all have individual movements for when they attack as well. And finally the main character is finally truly customizable. You can change hair styles, cloths styles, and several other things along your journey and really make it your own ordeal in that aspect.pxy2

Another new feature that brought interesting depth to the game is the fact that if your Pokemon like you, the more valuable they are. Seriously by doing the new mini games where you play with and brush your Pokemon among other things, you build your friendship level with them increasing several things. They will get more critical hits in battle getting you out of tight spots. They can tank hits better themselves, brush off certain attacks like nothing. Status effects won’t affect them as much or as badly. This factor brings new depth to the game that will truly encourage players to “bond” with there Pokemon much like the anime has preached since day one.pxy3

So obviously with a new generation of the game, there must be new Pokemon right? Well you’d be right with the addition of 70 plus new monsters and the new Fairy typing thrown into the mix. Fairy type was an interesting addition to the typing pool, strong against Dragon type, Fighting type, and Dark types presenting a huge threat to most of the meta game and weaknesses are only to Steel type and Poison type. Many existing Pokemon received this typing in the new games such as Marill, Snubbull, and (big surprise) Clefairy. And due to this addition we also get a slew of new attacks and strategies that have never been seen before. Mega Evolutions are also a new addition. While holding a mega stone, certain Pokemon can evolve one step further than normal but only for the duration of the battle. This in turn has no down sides, and will increase certain stats of said Pokemon as well as changing there appearance. pxy4

While taking nothing away from the game I did have two gripes with a few new features. The addition of swarm battles where you can run into a group of 5 low level Pokemon in a single battle was more monotonous than anything and felt like a waste of time. I greatly enjoyed the new Sky Battles where only flying type Pokemon can compete, hence fighting in the air. But these were so few and far between they seemed incredibly irrelevant. Lost potential on both fronts but like I said, they take nothing away from how good the games truly are. On the plus side the soundtrack has been revamped giving players the old nostalgic feel of Pokemon with a new age twist. One final new addition that I greatly loved was the fact that you can now gain experience from simply catching wild Pokemon now. Its the little things that matter here, and they are done quite well.pxy5

All in all, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are easily the best entries in the series since the original Silver and Gold versions in my opinion. The series fits incredibly well into the 3DS library and I would heavily recommend these games to anyone who owns the console as well as long time fans of the franchise. I havn’t had this much fun on a hand held system in a long time and there is more than enough content with more rumored to be coming out in the near future for both X and Y. 9.5 out of 10. Happy Gaming.





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