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Planar Conquest

Planar Conquest

Planar Conquest is a 4x strategy game developed by Wastelands Interactive, back in March of 2015 I reviewed a game called Worlds of Magic by the same developers, which were advertising that it was the spiritual successor to an amazing 4x strategy game that I grew up with called Master of Magic. I felt that Worlds of Magic had tough shoes to fill which it did, and I felt it also was very un-polished and had encountered a few bugs on my original play through of that game.

When I acquired Planar conquest seeing that it was from the same developers kind of had me on edge about it considering my rough play through with the previous title. They are offering it on Steam as of this moment for free if you had purchased Worlds of Magic previously, as they are advertising it as an upgraded version of Worlds of Magic. I was happily greeted with a wonderful intro in Planar Conquest giving me a little back story into the universe.


Per starting the game you are given the choice of picking a pre-generated Wizard/Spellcaster lord or create your own for the sake of this play-through I chose to play as a character already generated though I felt the character generation was greatly improved upon and wasn’t as tedious as the previous game. After you have completed on choosing your starting wizard you are able to customize your gameplay on choosing up to 6 other Planes based upon the elements.

You also get to choose from 8 different races to lead all with their own pro’s and con’s such as some races develop slower than others but are very wise in magic and powerful on that end, other races develop very fast and have powerful regular units but disregard magic and aren’t as wise in their ways, I chose to play as the humans which were the most balanced of all 8 races I felt.



Upon starting out on the main plane I was happy to see that there was actually ‘fog of war’! a definitely great improvement I feel over the predecessor, as in that game the entire map was revealed leaving no exploration to do which is a big key in 4x strategy games to get rid of. With it there I felt the need to do something with every turn I take exploring out my surroundings plotting out new cities I want to place.20160625094544_1

Speaking of cities an interesting mechanic that was introduced in this version was a ‘cap’ in a sense on the amount of cities that you can place, you can place more than the cap you just start to suffer a penalty for having too many cities out. I’m happy that this is here actually as in Master of Magic the opposing wizards I felt expanded too quickly leaving you no room to place cities in locations that you wanted, that’s why I am happy this is in place.


A disappointment that I had was there was no city-scape view this time and the city development screen was just a bunch of different sub-menus letting you change your construction options and view your intown garrison of units. Every 1000 people your city grows to gives you 1 unit of workers to place in either research of new spells, production or farming which you can also view from this screen and it lets you cycle to your other cities.


Combat also felt improved in this version greatly you still get to pre place your units before the start of combat in your starting area. It is still generated by the unit’s modifiers plus a roll of a randomly generated D20 roll against each other to generate a ‘hit’ and ‘damage’. the unit graphics for combat is also greatly improved and doesn’t feel as choppy or as annoying as it had done in the previous game.


I felt Planar Conquest was a drastically great improvement upon Worlds of Magic, and that it still needs a little more polishing to truly be a game worthy of living up to the same standards as Master of Magic but I believe they are on the right track with this game. Over-all seeing extreme improvements I would have to give the game a 8 out of 10 and I would definitely recommend this title to anyone who enjoys playing 4x styled games like Civilization, Master of Magic, Master of Orion.


  •  Plays like a Civilization Game
  • Polished previous system greatly
  • graphics improvement over previous title
  • combat is improved

–   no city scape view not as in depth as previous game

– menus can be a little confusing

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