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PixelJunk Shooter



So it’s been five months sense my last review crazy shit happened but I’m back and the powers at be have decided that I review a game called PixelJunk shooter made by Double Eleven as well as Q-Games. Makers of PixelJunk Racers, Monsters, and Eden and just like all their other installments, Shooter specializes in simplicity, familiarity, and over all fun. The music was composed by Alex Paterson and Dom Beken. Anyway enough of the back ground lesson let us dive into the actual review of PixelJunk shooter!

Story: The story is quite simplistic to say the least, to put simply there are scientists who are trapped underground and need rescuing. Your character pilots a twin shooter subterranean vehicle built for blasting through the rock and mud as well as a pod for picking up the stranded scientists along the way you encounter a verity of different obstacles as well as monsters and you’ll be so happy they equipped your tiny ship with guns (very insignificant weak guns but they get the job done….eventually)


Gameplay: Your guns function as inferior drills through the dirt as well as poor self-defense against the various monsters that would like nothing more than to melt your face (and i mean that literally some monsters shoot magma). It won’t be long before you realize that the monsters aren’t the only things that absolutely hate you. Good old Mother Nature wants to make life as difficult for you as possible. I don’t even think the monsters are really the problem, it’s the copious amount of puzzles involving the hazards of the underground. Water, magma, and a strange black magnetic liquid (which I have no idea how that was created naturally) all stand in your way for rescuing the stranded scientists.

Another thing is if to many survivors die you’re forced to retry the level something that happened to me quite often as your own gun fire can kill them (monsters love to spawn around them in clear range of fire). Water is the safest of the three hazards as it isn’t hazardous in fact it has to be the most helpful thing in the game because it gets rid of the magma and as an added bonus the survivors don’t drown; when you’re near lava for too long the heat meter increases and when its max the ship will in fact drop like a balloon filled with cement so taking a nice cold dip in the water is very advisable. There are fifteen puzzles to salve each with different obstacles and solutions at the very end of each level there is a boss to fight, once defeated it’s on to the next stage because those guys aren’t going to save themselves.

pixeljunk-shooter-01 (1)

Characters/Art:  So admittedly there is no real point to having this section because the only characters you interact with are specific survivors that will clue you in as to what exactly happened but the dialog ranges from one text box to about three. The main character itself (The pilot) is never seen or heard (silent invisible protagonist A) nor do we even know his or her name (we will refer to them as good guy). As for art the game itself is what you’d expect from pixeljunk (looks like something a child drew and there parents put it on the fridge) but by no means does that make it back this section is so irrelevant mostly because the gameplay is what draws you in the story is too simple to get immersed into it and there are no real characters to become interested in so the gameplay pulls more than half of the work.

Music: Earlier I mentioned that the music with in the game was composed by Alex Paterson and Dom Beken of High Frequency Bandwidth or HFB for short, using a variety of effects as well as instruments. Interestingly enough HFB’s album Hell Fire and Brimstone features a lot of songs that were stripped down and re-done to fit within the game more accurately although more than half of the songs were done from scratch

I give it a 9/10, this is a very well done game that capitalizes on simple game design. The final result is fun and charming.

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