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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

The Ace Attorney series is a series that you would never think would be a fun game to play…that the whole game would not only be a waste of time and money, but would just suck in general. I thought that, until I played it myself. “How can a lawyer-themed game be so addicting and fun?” That is a question that I keep asking myself as I play the game non-stop. The Ace Attorney series is 6 games long and soon to be a 7th game. The series is for the Nintendo DS, with re-masters of the first 3 Phoenix Wright games for the Wii via WiiWare, and the new game will be for the 3DS.

There are 5 cases to solve in the first game of the series. Although the number of cases is small, the gameplay itself is long and the more cases you complete the harder it is to find the defendant not guilty. (I myself needed a little help from the internet.)

You will get to meet some characters that will leave an impression on you and that you will see a lot in future Ace Attorney games…

  • Phoenix “Nick” Wright

The main character and the newbie criminal defense lawyer.








  • Miles Edgeworth

An esteemed prosecutor and an old friend of Phoenix’s

  • Maya Fey

A spirit medium, Phoenix’s assistant, and Mia Fey’s little sister

  • Mia Fey

She was Phoenix Wright’s boss and mentor; she left her firm to him after her death. Maya Fey’s big sister.


You will have two different types of game play, a court room and an investigation. The court room one is where you cross-examine the witness and call them out on their lies and contradictions to get the truth. Although it sounds easy, it is anything but easy. You really have to pay attention to the statements and sometimes show the evidence the proves their statements are false. Just like an other game there is a “life” bar. If you falsely accuse the witness or make too many mistakes on things the judge will automatically make your client guilty so you have to be careful. You can press the witness as much as you want without being penalized.

The investigation game play is where it gets difficult. You have to investigate different places looking for clues and talking to people all the while trying to get the clues you need and sometimes it’s not so easy. You end up running around all over the place not knowing what to do, hoping that something will happen. You have to talk to them and sometimes present evidence. This is what makes the game so long.

You will have a grand total of 4 days to solve the case, so you know when Day 4 hits you’re almost finished with the case. Each case has to do with a murder and no mater how much you your self believe it remember your client is always innocent.

There is a voice-activated feature in the game too where you yourself can say the “Objections!”, the “Hold It’s!” and the “Take That’s!”.

All in all the game series is a great choice.

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