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Persona 5’s Steelbook Launch Edition Design

Finally some more news for the highly anticipated game Persona 5. Here are some things Atlus has to say about it.

While the five agonizing months to wait until the English release of
Persona 5 are currently testing all of us (especially after the stellar reception Japan’s release got), we have some exciting news.

We’ve pulled the mask of the announcement cover design off the
Persona 5 SteelBook® Launch Edition to reveal its true inner self — the amazing group portrait of the P5 cast! Even better, the case will have a clear disc holder on the inside and reveal a secondary design of the Phantom Thieves in their personal guises.
And while we don’t have any game-specific news this time around, we *are* increasing our security measures at ATLUS USA as we get into the full swing of the game, because you can’t be *too* careful when the Phantom Thieves are lurking about!p5_ps4_glamshot_updated

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