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Persona 4 Dancing All Night Review

Time for the Investigation Team to regroup once again for another shadow mystery. The whole Persona 4 gang is back in the rhythm and music based entry to the infamous series that now has several spin offs. Dancing All Night is considered canon to the series taking place after the events of Persona Arena Ultimax. Long time Persona 4 fans will feel right at home with this game as far as the plot goes but it also appeals to those who simply enjoy rhythm games…you just won’t understand all of the story. However the game is very well done and features various remixes from the amazing Persona 4 soundtrack that will be stuck in your head for days.Persona 1

As far as the story goes you are not just stepping back into the shoes of Yu Narukami (Persona 4 main protagonist) but also as the entire investigation team as you dance your way to victory. You are all training with famous pop idol Rise Kujikawa in order to be her back up dancers for the LMB or Love Meets Bonds festival coming up. While doing this you meet another Idol group called Kanamin Kitchen who subsequently get sucked into another dimension known as the Midnight Stage. This dimension is different frome the Midnight Chanel featured in the main Persona 4 game but has many similarities. Without giving away to much you and your friends venture in to rescue the girls but instead of fighting shadows you must dance the night away in order to relay your true feelings and win the day. As corny as that sounds the story is actually very good and very well put together especially if you are already familiar with the characters from previous games.persona 2

The controls are rather simple to grasp thankfully and work great so that you can see the action of the characters dancing on screen at the same time. You will utilize the Up, Left, And down arrows as well as the Triangle, Circle, and X buttons on the Vita for the majority of the action. There are optional “Frenzy” rings that will flow across the screen every so often but you are not required to hit them. If you do however you simply flick one of the two thumb sticks in time and you will receive a bonus to your frenzy gauge witch when full will bring a dancing partner on screen for extra points and fun segment. The difficulty levels were very well balanced and aptly described. Easy will let beginners grasp all of the controls without difficulty and still challenge you enough to improve your skills as you play the game. Once you start going up in difficulty the challenging sequences and speed come at you in waves that will make you better as you go but still give you the edge of being on your toes at all times. Especially once you unlock the final “All Night” mode that was brutal but fair in its difficulty curve.persona 3

As far as the music goes, its fantastic. If your familiar with Persona 4 you will already know most of the catchy tunes by heart as music is simply one of the best parts of the entire Persona franchise. With near 30 tracks of original and remixed music there is plenty to dance to especially taking DLC into mind. The choreography is amazing with each characters personality coming through in the way they dance. Chie with her martial arts Bruce Lee esque style, Yukiko with her mix of modern dance and ballet, and even Yosuke with his unique break dancing techniques make every dance fun to watch as they are all different representations of the characters. persona 4

All in all Persona 4 Dancing All Night is one of the most solid rhythm games I have ever played and is a fantastic entry to the series and for the Vita. With lots of catchy music, easy controls, lovable characters and a fun story line there isn’t a whole lot more you could ask for a spin off title. I would heavily recommend this to any Persona fans or fans of rhythm games in general. 8 out of 10. Happy Gaming.

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