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PC Review: Abyss Odyssey

Abyss Odyssey is a dungeon crawling action RPG from ACE Team and ATLUS. The game has a heavy focus on exploration and deep combat while having a very unique art direction. The game certainly stands out visually and musically, but the combat is truly something unique and challenging. ATLUS is known for challenging games and Abyss Odyssey is no different.

The story is pretty short and can be generalized quite easily but I’ll give you the long version because this review is going to be short in any case. A powerful warlock has fallen asleep which normally wouldn’t be a big deal but he is being haunted by nightmares so powerful that they use his own powers to escape into reality causing havoc in the worst of sense. An expedition force (humans) are charged with the task of defeating these abominations and stop this onslaught of evil.


This game takes aspects from many different genres but being that its mainly a dungeon crawler we will focus on this aspect. The rooms or stages however you wish to call them are all for the most part randomly generated the monsters, loot, and NPCs will all change their layout and positioning. it is also worth mentioning that the game is community driven when enough people beat the final boss worldwide a new level will be added I am unsure if that means new character but another stage will be put up. Some say that combat is like action fighting games but I feel as though it was taken a bit from Castlevania one because of the innate delay in starting a combo and that window of vulnerability after one. This game excels in punishing those who want to just hack and slash their way through the game even if overall the game is not hard. You beat one room and advance to another there are many different ways and rooms that yours connect to and each room has a different difficulty ranging from easy to very hard all to keep you on your toes. I felt as if the game didn’t handle progression very well and sometimes I asked myself if I was actually advancing through the game mostly because it just felt as if I was just fighting hell the story is so simple you can forget why your character is even doing this to begin with.

There are a total of three characters you can play in this game Katrien, the Ghost monk and Pincoya all with their own background lore and reasons for being down there. Katrien, is the main character of the story she was someone who knew the warlock before he went to sleep and although the real Kat is long dead her memory was one of the things that crawled out of his dreams. Her purpose is mainly to fight her way through the hordes of demons, save the town, and stop the warlock all in all for a protagonist she isn’t very deep when it comes to who she is


Ghost Monk, he has no name, his being is an enigma a phenomenon when magic and the dead mix. The Ghost monk is the physical manifestation of the soldiers who have died within the Abyss and have formed into one. His purpose is to finish what they could not do when alive he fights on as Legion for he is many. This character has a lot of depth to him when you think about the way he was born as something that never was supposed to exist but this abomination walks the earth filled with hate, and regret you can feel sorry for them because they have in fact lost it all and the only thing that clings them to this plane is the will to stop the warlock.

Pincoya, a legend within a tall tale of her own. Pincoya is known as the water spirit the daughter to the great king of the sea, she is said to have long blond hair funny because she’s a brunette, stunning beauty, be sensual cheerful woman and rise from the very depths of the sea itself (she’s also supposed to personify female fertility).

All of these character have their own weapons they specialize in and can equip such as Kat only being able to equip rapier for quick three hit combos or the Ghost monk who can only pick up two handed great swords making him slightly slower than the rest but just as if not stronger. Abyss Odyssey allows you to play with your friends or by yourself opening a local game allows you to progress through at your own pace while joining someone else gives you more security if you’re not confident enough to go out on your own. Alternatively there is a versus mode that allows you to test you battle hardness against other players and a training mode to help you get a feel of the games combat.

Abyss Odyssey is alright it will definitely not be winning GOTY but is fun to pick up if you’re in the mood for some dungeon crawling and monster killing in a 2-D game. It is not instantly easy but its also not very difficult the average gamer could probably pick it up and learn it in no time. I would say its worth checking out. You can get it on Steam, Xbox 360 and PS3. 8/10

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