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Party of Sin Review

Party of Sin, I had an idea of what this game was like in my head after seeing the screenshots. A clever platformer using biblical satire to portray a quirky story of how the physical incarnations of the 7 deadly sins are messing with humans, it had me sold. Taking obvious notes from NES platformers like Mario and puzzle solving from Zelda titles, Party of Sin’s gameplay is not entirely unique, but still well done.

You take control as physical incarnations of the seven deadly sins described in the bible, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, and Lust. You go through the four areas of existence, Hell, Earth, Purgatory, and Heaven solving puzzles and killing anything in your way. While the story is not the most engaging and vast, the cutscenes are well illustrated and the settings work. It is simple, I like simple. You are the Seven Deadly Sins destroying everything the humans love to further your own agenda. In a sense, it is quite hilarious.

As I mentioned the game’s gameplay mixes the core platforming that Mario introduced into the gaming world with a puzzle solving elements of Zelda titles. Every Sin has a different set of abilities that will move platforms, open doors, and even clear large gaps. Envy has a laser vision to light torches and enemies on fire. Wrath has a charge that pushes buttons. Gluttony eats things like boxes and enemies. Lust can stun enemies and create unique platforms to stand on. Greed has a hookshot-like gadget that can grab enemies and swing with. Pride has a boost attack that can be used to clear gaps. Sloth can slow objects and enemies. Utilizing all of these abilities will take skill and a lot of practice. In addition to the platforming and puzzle solving elements there is one last part of the gameplay. You can quick select and use any of the Seven Sins at a whim. You can either use the mouse wheel, or the hotkeys.

The platforming is nice although a common problem with platformers these days is a sliding mechanic that can really ruin your day. When you jump from platform to platform you tend to slide in a given direction a lot or a little when you land. This makes the game harder than it needs to be and some of the puzzles that require timing can get frustrating. The combat is pretty fun as well. Each character has a primary attack that can be upgraded to have an extra feature. The secondary unique abilities can also be upgraded. To upgrade you must gather Green Apples that are in each level. There are also cheats like big head mode to unlock. This game is also four player Co-Op. I must say, this game with friends is slightly more fun as the puzzles are a bit easier but the game itself is still challenging.

The level design is very well done and the same goes for the musical score. The art style is devilish and unique. It has a touch of dark humor that some games try to capitalize on, but never really pull through. Party of Sin is pretty short with about 10 hours of gameplay. There is a scoring system that you can use to beat your own scores. Party of Sin is fats paced platforming at its best despite being 2D. It is worth the money. I give Party of Sin am 8.75/10. You can pick the game up on Steam December 13, 2012.

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