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Overwatch MW3 Map Review

The new DLC map, Overwatch, is now available to premium Elite subscribers as of Feb 21, 2012. Overwatch is the third map released for MW3, and is set in the New York City skyline. The combat is set on a 70 story skyscraper that is still under construction. The layout of this map is very symmetrical with upper and lower levels and a circular section in the middle viewable from multiple angles.

The first thing that one will notice when playing on this map is the breath-taking views of New York from every side of the building. If you are not aware of the boundaries you could find yourself plunging to your death as there are no safety barriers on the exterior of the map as well as a couple of pitfalls strategically placed within the map.

The only similarity that this map has to the MW2 map, Highrise, is that it is set at the top of a skyscraper, so don’t go into this thinking that you can approach this map with the same play style as MW2. There are very few long lines of sight, so this map is not to sniper-friendly. Also, there is not too much cover offered to escape air assault killstreaks. With plenty of avenues available to the same area, this map will discourage the camper tactic but supports a very fast run and gun play style.

This is one map that I will be waiting to see in the Free-For-All playlist and I definitely give this map a 9 out of 10.

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