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Otakon Releasing Crisis Heart Brawlers!

Anyone who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and played video games knows how much fine side-scrolling beat em’ ups truly are. I mean, when you are playing games like River City Ransom and Double Dragon, you tend to get this euphoric feeling of satisfaction as you beat the piss out of some 8-bit thug. Later on in the years, you find yourself playing beat em’ ups like Final Fight and Streets of Rage and that same sense of gratification comes flying back. Nowadays, the genre seems to be dying out and all you really have left to quench your thirst for mindless ass-kickery is games like Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Castle Crashers. Now, those are great games, but there is one thing in common both games have. Can you guess? No? Sad for you! Both games were made by independent developers and have both become huge successes!

But this article isn’t for them, it’s for something else. Recently, I had the privilege to sit down with a couple of representatives from Otakon.

Anyway, they showed me a game in development called Crisis Heart Brawlers: Clash At Otakon! You know what? I’m going to let the video show you more…WATCH IT!

Fucking sexy, right!? Oh, did I mention that popular voice actors such as Johnny Yong Bosch, Cristina Vee and Kyle Hebert will be lending their talented voiced for the game? No? Well I totally just did.

Now as with any Kickstarter campaign, the developers would absolutely LOVE your help! By making a pledge of a minimum of $1, you can help this really awesome title come to fruition! Of course, every level of pledge gets you something awesome in return from your name in the end credits all the way up to the opportunity to hang out with all the voice actors along with your flight and hotel fully paid for! Dude….don’t pass this opportunity up! With that said, I ask you this…Do you really want to see the side-scrolling genre die? Do you REALLY want to see your childhood wrecked? Visit the link below and make a stand!

To pledge, go here!

Want to check out the developers? Visit them here!

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  1. Gaspar "Shiggity" says
    September 16, 2012, 2:45 AM

    Oh man. I really hope this comes out for portable consoles like the PSP/PS Vita/Nintendo [3]DS etc. as well as the PC and home game consoles. I love my PS Vita and I love Otakon. How awesome would it be to have Otakon with me where ever I go? XD DLC would be great too. Add more levels as you go.

    I’ll so totally pledge a dollar or two when I get my paycheck this coming week (in a few days)



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