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Orgarhythm Review

There is not much you can say about the Vita these days. While the Sony handheld holds a lot of potential there are only a handful of titles actually worth playing. Orgarhythm is one of those titles. While music based titles are still in the wind with Rocksmith and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Orgarhytm had to do something different to seem new and fresh. I am proud to say that is the case.

As the God of Light, you must repel the forces of the God of Darkness by using elemental soldiers with rhythm based attacks. The music is a mix of rock, tribal, and club music. This story is just something for the game to use to have an atmosphere. Demolish the evil that plagues the Earth, simple, to the point, it doesn’t need to be a 100 hour long story with an all-star voice acting cast.

This is a game where you NEED to play the tutorials before jumping into the game. I figured I could learn as I go, but I was hideously wrong. You must tap in accordance with the beat to execute your moves. You must select the element you wish to deploy, and then drag your finger across the screen to move them where you need them to be. There are four different classes to use but are the same for every element. There are three elements and once is always better than the other. This is the RTS element that makes Orgarhythm a unique music game. As you get combos and destroying enemies your units will level up. However, if you wish to recall them manually, you will double tap the rear touchpad and it will reset the level.

That is not all you can select though. There are four support moves to choose from as well that activate when the support gauge is full. Healing and buffs are available and you use them the same way you would deploying a unit. As you progress through the twelve levels you will get a rating and EXP for the God of Light. Upon leveling up you will gain more abilities to make the God of Light more powerful.

The music of this game is just plain fantastic. People will claim Borderlands 2 is the game with astounding music, but it does not even come close to what Orgarhythm offers. The variety of choices presented makes every level unique. The gameplay and music are well orchestrated and the game rewards you for playing in tune. The art style is brilliant as well. I am reminded of the times I visited the Mayan pyramids in Mexico and the general atmosphere of the game portrayed that ancient tribal feeling.

The music, the unique gameplay, and the art style make Orgarhythm a must have for the PS Vita. The learning curve is rather steep and non-music aficionados may have a tough time. I am just glad my years as orchestral double bass have finally paid off in a video game. There is very little wrong with this game. It is rather short with 12 levels to play. However, it is still incredibly fun. I give Orgarhythm a 9/10. Grab it for the Vita NOW!

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