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Organ Trail Review


Organ Trail is a Steam Greenlight success after a certain number of Steam users voted for the game to get released. From The Men Who Wear Many Hats, Organ Trail is not to be confused with Oregon Trail. While the game does play a lot like the Apple 2 classic, the theme is zombie survival. With zombies being done to death recently just about every gaming genre has been…infected with zombies. However, despite the simple nature of Organ Trail, it breathes new life into zombie survival.

The goal of Organ Trail is to get from the East Coast to the West Coast with all of your companions and of course survive. A variety of factors and events will happen during the course of your journey and it is up to you to make the tough choices. While the game is not necessarily long, there is a lot of replay value to see how each journey varies because no two games will be the same.

While the game’s music, visuals and core gameplay are rather simple. It does not take long to see that you will find yourself thinking hard about what to start off with, what you will need, and what you will be able to trade. You will also need to know how much ammo you will need to be able to defend yourself. Luckily, you will come across settlements and people willing to trade their wares for yours. What makes Organ Trail a nice experience is how you can do side quests like scavenging or repelling bandits for people to get rewards.

Much like the real world, people are willing to reward you for hard work. Things to collect include car parts, fuel, food, ammo etc. You will be travelling in a vehicle to get to the end game so managing your scrap/parts is essential. Along with the NPC interaction there are a variety of combat mechanics to take a part in. Some are against zombies; others are against bandits who shoot back. Bandits are more of a shooting gallery where zombies are more of a run and gun situation. While I appreciate the variety and change of pace, the gun mechanics are really difficult to get used to. You will have to use your mouse to click to ready a bullet, pull back, then let go of the mouse button to fire. In a pinch, this moderately accurate system of firing can be troublesome.

The NPC interactions are what really make this game a blast to play because every character is different and wants something. While the game feels low tech, it is very sophisticated when it comes to the NPC interaction and trade system. The best part is, you can name your companions, so watch as your worst enemies slowly die of dysentery or weep as your mother is just too tired to carry on. This game is worth your time and money. I give Organ Trail a 9/10.Hours of pixelated zombie killing fun.

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