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Orc Attack – Flatulent Rebellion (PS3) Review: Clear the Room, This One is a Doozy


Video games love orcs, but how often do we get to see the softer side? Well, never because they don’t have one. Just because they are angry creatures does not mean they are void from being victims. Orc Attack is the latest indie title to feature an excessive amount of burping and farting. While the name and art style seem to be rather cartoony, do not let it fool you, this game is far from funny and is actually a bit sad.

A group of orcs are under attack, from humans of course. The great environment destroyers are colonizing a new world and they are killing as many orcs as they can. Sure, this is a massive metaphor for the colonization of America but we can ignore that right? Well you shouldn’t, and you should give points to the developers for trying to send a message to players. However, the story doesn’t really develop from there and it just fades to black.

The combat of Orc Attack is action hack/slash. You have your basic light and heavy attacks, use those to generate combos and kill your enemies. More often than not, combos will not be formed correctly due to the button commands being unresponsive. This is but one way Orc Attack fails on delivering an average title. The other is the animations. Now I am no animator, but I am pretty sure with enough time I can make a variety of models not look like they move robots with only a single mission to kill. The animations are choppy and rough to the point where it actually makes the game unplayable. In addition to the melee combat there is a small amount of magic use, in the form of burps and farts. To use these magic skills it requires some cunning use of the environment and it feels incredibly out of place.

The last element of Orc Attack is surprisingly the better execution game mechanic in the game. The equipment system is rather nice because it encourages better game playing. You can buy armor and weapon items. There is a catch though, these will break if you take too much damage. How does this make the game slightly good? Well, it makes you actually pay attention to how much damage you are taking (outside of your health bar). Breakable armor is something I want to see in most games that involve that sort of character development. It makes the game more challenging.

Orc Attack is bad, there is no way to sugar coat it or go around it. Orc Attack is just a mess of a game and most of its problems, if not all of its problems are in the combat. The game just doesn’t seem to work. I give Orc Attack for the PS3 a 3/10.

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