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One Piece Review


          We all wanted to be a pirate at one point in our life. Searching for treasure and having dangerous adventures thru uncharted seas and islands. Well that’s exactly what Monkey D. Luffy wanted to do his whole life. After meeting a very famous pirate at a young age all he wanted to do was set out to the sea to find the fabled treasure left behind by the world’s most famous pirate and become the pirate king.  Echiro Oda’s One Piece is an unbelievably impressive series all around. It is the perfect mix of comedy, action, drama, and (with a skeleton crew mate and an enemy with an undead army) even horror.

          The most fascinating part of this entire series is the character build up and development. This is a long series and if characters can not grow, neither can the show. But even after 500 episodes everyone is growing stronger and smarter, and they are only half way around the world. From the Cowardly sniper Usopp to the Brave Swordsman Zoro and the cute cuddly reindeer doctor, every crewmate, Marine, and enemy grows.

          What sets this series apart from other pirate shows and movies are the special abilities they can have by eating certain fruits from the ocean called “devil fruits”. Once eaten, they gain a tremendous power. Luffy gains the ability of a rubber man and is able to stretch his body and not be hurt by bullets or physical attacks. And although that sounds exciting he comes across people who can turn to smoke, ice and even lava, as well as people that can turn into animals and or even slow time. The list is almost infinite, but with every ability, comes a curse. Once eaten you can’t swim and will sink in water like a hammer.

          Although it seems repetitive to just sail from island to island, have an adventure and leave, every island adds more to the story. In over 500 episodes there are around 10 episodes of filler and those are just random holiday episodes that are just plain fun to watch.  It may take awhile but even the tiniest characters and smallest islands have a major connection to everything around them and it shows just how detailed and in depth the story gets.

           The only real drawback to the series is the fact that when it was first aired in the USA they turned it into another kids show. One piece is not meant for kids. There are many sexual references, innuendos, and mild nudity, and you can’t be a pirate without swearing, not to mention plenty of bloodshed. I really recommend listening to the Japanese audio because every characters personality (even the annoying ones) is captured way better. Besides Christopher Sabat (as Zoro), there are very few believable English characters.

          If you’re looking for a show that has everything and more I highly recommend One Piece.  It is a series that has been around for over 10 years and is still going strong. It has an end in site and although you want to see it end you wish it could go on forever. Join Luffy and his crew as they laugh, fight, and struggle threw the world of One Piece.

10 out of 10

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