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Omega Quintet Review

It’s not a state secret within my inner circle of friends that I am honestly not big into anime. Now, it could be because I just haven’t been exposed to the good stuff or maybe it’s just not meant for me. I’ve also mentioned numerous times that gaming and anime go hand-in-hand and by that logic, there are games based off of anime and vice-versa. Omega Quintet basically combines the two genres, but neither of them overlap each other in terms of content. Did someone actually find the perfect balance? Did a developer actually do the impossible!? Let’s bring out your inner weeb and take a look at Omega Quintet!

(From left to right)Aria, Otoha, Kyouka, Kanadeko, Nene

(Left to right) The Verse Maidens: Aria, Otoha, Kyouka, Kanadeko, Nene


Developed by Galapagos RPG and released in Japan in 2014 on the PS3, Omega Quintet tells the story of a group of women called Verse Maidens who combat an evil force called the “Beep”(Now called the Blare in the NA release)that degenerate the minds of humankind by giving everyone hopes and dreams. So, right there off the bat is the beginning of how anime plays a role in this game as the elements of the synopsis seem to be present in most modern anime. The game has lots of comical(And sometimes lightly vulgar)banter between almost all of the characters, be it during missions or in-between. Again, elements found commonly in anime. Rather than the game having Chapters, it instead is episodic, right down to having an intro and outro movie, complete with end credits and all. So within just one paragraph, you now know that there is a heavy presence/influence of Japanese anime within this game. But, don’t let that deter you from playing it! Even if you are not into anime, the game will still appeal very much to Gamers, especially fans of JRPGs.

The flow of the game is primarily mission-based. You’re given several tasks to complete by your manager, most of which include killing a specific monster or a certain amount of Blare. However, you can go into the city and accept quests from the general population. Now, one thing I want to point out real quick is that the quests you receive from the public can be quite bizarre. Some of those quests range from gathering a particular item that is a rare drop to….and I laughed at this….retrieving an empty plastic bottle from a location because the guy didn’t want to be called a litterbug, Nevertheless, quests are incredibly important as they reward you with powerful items, EP(Energy Point) and Field Action Skills(More on that later). Unfortunately, the game is incredibly linear and I mean far more linear than Final Fantasy XIII was. You select locations from a list, as well as the interactions with quest-givers. So, unless you are in an action area or the Office(The game’s central hub), you’re picking off of a list. But, this is only one minor infraction as the rest of the game easily makes up for that.

Omega Quintet_20150427173341

Not all areas will be available at the start of the game. Gotta earn it!

Now I bet you’re thinking, “But, Beau you magnificent and brilliant beast, how does the GAME work!?”. Well as I mentioned above, quests play a large and integral role in Omega Quintet and a lot of times, you will find yourself traversing HUGE areas to reach one point or section that you need to be in for whatever quest you happen to be doing at the time(You can do as many as you want). But along the way, you will encounter various monsters who just seem to be having bad days every day and you just so happen to be the person who caused it.

Active mobs are rampant, but you can avoid them...mostly.

Active mobs are rampant, but you can avoid them…mostly.

Battles begin when an enemy comes into contact with your character. However, you can initiate the battle early and score a surprise attack by pressing a button before the enemy makes contact with you. Doing this will definitely help you out in later battles where shit gets real tough. So you started a fight with a beastie on the field…no what? Well from there, you have several options at your disposal. You can attack, defend, use skills, items or run. Pretty standard in most JRPGs, right? Well, Omega Quintet falls into the category of games where you can perform multiple attacks with a character that total up to large amounts of damage. What the means is that the enemies come with a lot of HP. For example, a standard Goblin from the first Final Fantasy(NES Version) has a whopping 8 HP and can typically be killed in one hit. Well, even the most basic of enemies in OQ have anywhere between 500-1,000 HP and require a few turns to beat, even if you are at an decent low level. So, maximizing the amount of damage you do is essential to quickly ending long, needless fights. To do that, you will have to make use of all the skills and microphone abilities at your disposal. That, or you could use Harmonics…

Harmonics will carry you well into the later parts of the game when things get tough!

Imagine if singing “Kumbaya” with your friends caused a flurry of…I don’t know…ghost monks to show up and start beating the crap out of another group of people with staves. That the power of that very song sung with your friends accidentally leveled a Home Depot. That is what Harmonics is. Harmonics allows your entire party to perform devastating combo attacks called Chain Skills on either a single enemy or within a certain radius. These attacks are numerous and require a few special conditions to fulfill prior to even having the option of selecting them. But once you do, you can dish out mountains of damage to anything that you’re up against! So, the battle system is very in-depth and though it may seem very complex at first, it gets a lot easier to understand as the game progresses.

Bringin’ dat ass to Pound Town!!

So, earlier I mentioned the heavy anime influence in this game. That the Verse Maidens bring hope and love and whatnot to the hearts of people everywhere in an effort to fight off the Blare. But, just exactly how? I mean, sure they beat the ever-loving crap out of monsters and stuff, but is that all? No. No, they actually perform concerts for the general populace and those concerts can be directed by you! This is the PVS System and it allows you to create your own customized concert with the Verse Maidens. The customization of this feature is deeper than the Mariana Trench! But let me show you! This video is of a concert done by Yours Truly(Note the obvious different costumes and the fact that Aria is not present):

So essentially you can set it to where a certain Verse Maiden sings a certain part of the song, or starts singing alongside the lead singer, what camera to look at, what dance to perform…practically everything. You are the director and this is your project! Now I will say this feature is TIME CONSUMING! On average you’re probably looking at spending 45 minutes on one 2 minute video, and that’s being generous! Nevertheless it is a super-fun feature and it allows you to show off your talent to your friends by uploading the clip to whatever social media platform you choose.

In closing, I want to say this game is fantastic. Truly. I very rarely play games like this and while I was a bit apprehensive at first, I fell in love with it. The story, the gameplay, the battles…and the MUSIC are all masterfully done and I highly recommend this to everyone! Omega Quintet is available today for the PlayStation 4 in both physical and digital formats. European Gamers can snag a physical copy on May 1st, with a digital version being released on May 5th!


But…there is one thing both Gamers and anime lovers can agree on as far as content goes….FAN SERVICE!!

Omega Quintet_20150427173825

You’re Welcome!

9.0 out of 10

Until next episode…

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