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Nun Attack Review


Nun Attack is a tactical RPG on the PlayStation Vita originally on the iOS from Frima Studios. You play as a group of unique Nuns who must destroy the forces of evil, with guns. Yes Nuns with Guns sounds like a Grindhouse flick but this is a game that always seemed interesting.

The gameplay involves you dragging your finger along the screen to dictate what your nun will attack or move. Each of the four nuns has unique weapons, stats, and abilities. At first You can only take two with you so your nuns have to synergize well. Some have longer range weapons and others have a higher rate of fire.

1In addition to the strategy element of moving your nuns to places, there is an RPG aspect of character level ups and weapon upgrades. The arsenal is not the biggest but for this game, there is a lot to choose from. You unlock them by finding chests in the different levels and you upgrade them by earning money after every fight.

The strategy of Nun Attack is very apparent. I like how you have to test the different Nuns with each other to make sure they synergize well. The weapons are also a big thing to take into account because you have to save your money to upgrade them but you may get a better weapon in the next level despite spending 24k on upgrades.

The worst part of Nun Attack is the Miracles system. It involves you recreating a picture with a series of finger strokes to gain the effects. These effects are really beneficial, like healing for example. Sadly, the system is not forgiving one bit. You have to recreate the picture exactly as you see it and for the longest time, I could not seem to gain the miracle bonuses. This really kills the pacing and enjoyment factor of the game.

The fun is there, so is the strategy and action. However, the miracles are a centerpiece in the gameplay and it just won’t work. The game is pretty lengthy too. I give Nun Attack on the PlayStation Vita a 7/10.

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