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Norse Viking action in Niffelheim!

Norse Viking action in Niffelheim!

Now available from Ellada Games on Steam Early Access, comes Niffelheim available today on Steam for $19.99. Niffelheim is a 2D action and crafting exploration game, a dark gothic styled viking game in what the developers are calling “Skyrim meets Terraria”.

Ancient horrors never die, neither do you. in Niffelheim you will rise up and face Death’s demonic hordes, you will fight against raging spirits in defiance of the cruel and ancient forces that rule the land. Explore the darkness while battling the imposing evil, tunnel through and search throughout the underworld harvesting food and resources. Explore Eldritch caverns and setup a stronghold, fight and trade, hunt and build farms, and craft unique weapons and tools are all things you can do in Niffelheim while conquering the enemy lands marching against the demons of death.

Niffelheim features a vast array of hand painted levels, showing off a sinister and intriguing world, you can upgrade your character’s abilities in the style of a classic RPG styled skill tree. There are endless possibilities in exploring all of the world completing quests and making alliances, it will also feature cooperative multiplayer where you can play alongside AI heroes or your friends(and even battle them!)

Be sure to check back at a later time for more information on this exciting game from Ellada Games! For the time being please check out the exciting trailer and screenshots!

screenshot_1 screenshot_2 screenshot_3 screenshot_4 screenshot_5

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