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No Time to Explain Review


No Time to Explain is a Greenlight success story on Steam. For those of you that do not know what that is, Steam Greenlight is a community driven project to bring third party games (indie titles) to Steam through votes from users. When a game reaches a certain number of positive votes, the game gets put onto Steam for everyone to buy. New games are being brought to Steam every day and No Time to Explain is one of those games. Hell, I voted for it when I saw it. Glad I did too.

richieWhile the story is somewhat vague, it is about you, from the future, but there is no time to explain. Cross dimensional time travel is the name of the game and you have to save yourself from the future…or past…or present. As you progress through the game you will see various environments that vary in atmosphere and design to show how many different dimensions and time eras you travel through. Most of them are rather comedic. I found the storytelling of the game to be rather creative. The ambiguity of an actual goal is shrouded in mystery. Your future self tries to tell you but, well, there is no time to explain.

No Time to Explain is a 2D Platformer with relatively simple mechanics that are present still present in popular titles. You run and jump your way across obstacles like gaps, spikes and enemies. However, the mechanics do not stop and simple running and jumping. You have the power of a laser gun that can propel you across large gaps and kill tougher enemies. This is the mechanic that makes the game incredibly challenging. At first you think you have a handle on the gun jumping mechanic. But then you are thrown curveballs like spike walled hallways that descend or ascend in strange angles. I guess there is a bonus to the game having quick load up times because you will die a lot.

My only gripes with the game are this. The game is kind of short and besides the achievements and collectible hats, there is not much replay value. Some of the obstacles can be a bit unforgiving as well. The mouse+keyboard controls are a bit strange because you use the mouse to aim the gun. One small movement and your trajectory will go haywire.

The challenge is refreshing to see in gaming and despite the simplicity of No Time to Explain, the game has more sophistication and honest gameplay than any new call of duty game. This game should be played by anyone who is a platforming enthusiast as well as anyone who enjoys a challenge. I give No Time to Explain an 8.5/10. Pick up this game.

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