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Next Gen Nintendo 64 Controller coming soon!

We all hate the Nintendo 64 controller. Whether it be that you don’t understand/aren’t comfortable with how to hold the controller, or that terrible “analog” joystick that breaks after a period of time, we can agree that the controller was garbage. The console however was great! It was a very powerful system in fact even more powerful than the original PlayStation. It also had a lot of great games like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros., and more! Imagine if there was a good controller to go with this amazing console and games? Well, we are finally getting what we’ve wanted for years now. A modern style controller made by Retro Fighters with a cool design, bigger “C” buttons, better D-Pad/Analog stick and comfortable for holding.

Retro Fighters made a Kickstarter campaign asking for at least $13,000 to get the controllers made. Plenty of incentives were added to give a better chance of raising the money. One being that the controller will only cost $20 to any backer! Which is very cheap for a brand new controller. Retro Fighters also created an NES remake controller which was well received by fans and consumers.

Though the project’s goal as already been well past met, there’s more goals to be reached such as more limited edition color options to the controller. So if you would like to help back the project and get your controller for only $20, click here.


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  1. Josh says
    September 7, 2017, 4:52 PM

    Please make a version I can stick up my ass!

    Lickety-penis that is a tasty morsel of a controller.

    • Long Johnson says
      October 18, 2017, 8:53 PM

      At least it’s better than my joystick.


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