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Today, the brilliant minds at Square-Enix have released just a bit more information about the upcoming title, Theatrythm Final Fantasy! Here is a couple of nuggets for you regrading Character Progression:

Players can level up characters and improve skills by fighting monsters, exploring the world and completing events.

-Characters with high Strength or Magic skills can more easily defeat monsters in battle.

-Characters with high Agility can travel greater distances in the field with an increased chance of finding treasures.

-Characters with high Luck have greater odds of finding rare items and can avoid taking damage more easily.

Each character has a unique set of Abilities that aid in completing stages.

Looks like this game is shaping up to be something spectacular! Oh yeah, here are some pics to teas…I mean, tide you over until July 3rd when the game gets released exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS!

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