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New Screenshots from Adventure Park

In fall 2013 Adventure Park will give simulation fans the opportunity to prove their management skills.

A wide range of different attractions will give players maximum freedom of choice, the straightforward rollercoaster building system will make it great fun to create spectacular rides, and with the intuitive management system the dream of managing an own theme park is just a few clicks away.

dventure Park delivers a wide variety of detailed attractions and elements to set up your own theme park. Let your imagination run wild. Get people to visit your park with fancy attractions and stay up to date with the new management system.  Only happy visitors will throw their money at you!

Build the theme park of your dreams! Play in campaign mode or start a free game on one of the 8 different maps.

Roller coasters and more! Offer visitors at your park many sensational attractions (e.g. free-fall tower, big wheel). Create spectacular rides with the intuitive, grid-free coaster building system and choose from different types of coasters. Your park’s visitors will be thrilled!

Adventures make people hungry and thirsty! Build an appropriate infrastructure in the park, with food stands, souvenir shops, and appropriate service personnel (e.g. gardeners) so that your guests always feel comfortable.

A top manager always has everything under control! If you keep an eye on all the processes in your park, and manage them adeptly, your park will be a success. The comprehensive management system is intuitively structured, and it offers challenges even for experienced players.

A lively park where there is always something going on! A variety of different objects for the park, including statues, lamps, fences, rocks, and plants, provide you with many options for decorating and beautifying your park.

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