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New Resident Evil 6 Information Released!

Today, Capcom has revealed a bit more information for it’s upcoming and exciting addition to the Resident Evil legacy, Resident Evil 6. The press release gives us more information on the characters and their current standing in the new, terrifying situation.

So far, we know that Chris’s portion of the game takes place in China. What we didn’t know, however, was that it takes place in a fictional coastal town called, Lanshiang. Whereas, Leon’s portion takes place in a fictional town called Tall Oaks, which looks like a cross between Silent Hill and Raccoon City.

Alongside our two protagonists are some new and old characters that have been introduced and brought back into the series. Alongside Leon is a woman named Helena Harper, who like Leon, is a government agent and has stated that she is directly responsible for the incident in Tall Oaks. Making her return for Leon as well is Ingrid Hunnigan, a member of Field Operations Support(FOS) and has been a trusted friend of Leon since his incident during the events of Resident Evil 4.

Chris, however, doesn’t seem to have any partners in his portion(Actually it has to be revealed)as 6 months prior to the events in RE6, he underwent a personal trauma. Now, that could mean either Sheva Alomar(RE5) or Jill Valentine. Rounding out the case, is a mysterious 3rd protagonist(I’m predicting Alex Wesker)who happens to be a mercenary(Maybe HUNK?)engaged in bloody conflict in Eastern Europe where B.O.W.s are being used constantly. It’s stated in the trailer that his blood can “save the world”. Of course while he doesn’t understand the implications of this, he does immediately think how much money he can make from it.

Additionally, we’ve seen in the trailer that Zombies are back in this installment, though only for Leon’s portion it seem. However this time, the zombies can run, jump at you and even use weapons and as such are totally different from those encountered in previous games. So…I guess calling them “Zombies” might not actually work, but whatever. Chris is dealing with something entirely new and more deadlier than the Uroboros from RE5 and that is called the “J’avo”. J’avo, named by the BSAA after the Serbian word for “demon”, made it’s first appearance in the conflict zone of Eastern Europe about 6 months before the action of RE6. The J’avo still exhibit certain human elements – Such as the ability to understand speech, work together as a group and use weapons – but they are also incredibly aggressive and a number of their actions have regressed to pure instinct. When a J’avo takes damage, it has the ability to regenerate itself…almost like those damn Regenerators from RE4. However, if it receives major damage, then it will mutate that affected body part into a number of varied forms, meaning that players will have to rethink their strategy and adapt to this unpredictability.

Lastly, the controls have been upgraded since the last installment. Details on this have been few, but from what I can gather, you can now shoot while walking, slide, dodge-roll in any direction, take cover and the melee aspect has been greatly enhanced.

With that said, Resident Evil 6 is shaping up to be something kick-ass! Needless to say, this game may be the closing chapter in the series…then again, maybe not. Who knows? The only thing we gamers can do is patiently wait until November. A playable demo will be released on September 5th of this year for both 360 and PS3. But, if you plan on picking up Capcom’s other title, Dragon’s Dogma, you’ll get access to the RE6 demo 60 days early when the game gets released on July 3rd. So, the choice is yours. Keep checking back with us for more information on Resident Evil 6 as it gets released!

Resident Evil 6 hits the shelves on November 20th, 2012 for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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  1. Giuly says
    March 13, 2012, 2:41 PM

    I’d like to see again Sheva Alomar as Chris’ partner in re6** I love her


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