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New Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Content Today!

Today, Square-Enix is releasing new DLC content for Final Fantasy XIII-2. The content is as follows:

-“Ezio Auditore” costume for Noel
-“Style & Steel” costume for Serah
-Gilgamesh Coliseum fight
-PuPu Coliseum fight

The prices for these awesome contents are as follows:
Ezio Auditore outfit: 240 Microsoft Points; $2.99 PlayStation®Network
Style & Steel outfit: Free!
Gilgamesh: 320 Microsoft Points; $3.99 PlayStation®Network
PuPu: 160 Microsoft Points; $1.99 via PlayStation®Network

Last but not least….PICTURES!

…What? Thought I would show you in-game screenshots of the fights? HA! Dream on! Looks like you’ll have to get the content to see for yourself! Trololololol!!

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