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New Aarklash: Legacy Screenshots

I got my hands on three new screenshots for the upcoming Aarklash: Legacy game from Cyanide Studios.Check out the slideshow above and below is a snippet about the game.

Aarklash:Legacy is the sequel to Confrontation based in the universe of the miniature tabletop game “Confrontation”. AL is a tactical adventure RPG featuring eight total playable characters. Aarklash is a land that is constantly ravaged by war between three factions, Light, Destiny and Darkness. A group of mercenaries are in the middle of the conflict accused of crime they never committed against the Lion of Alahan. On a journey to clear their name these mercenaries must fight to survive, there are no allies in this fight.

Players will control a group of four party members that are interchangeable on the fly. Each has their own unique skill set and purpose to bring to fights. In typical RPG fashion the more you fight, the more you gain and you will unlock skills that will cater to your specific play style. Unique features to the game are listed below.

  • Active Pause System: Pause the game and issue commands to your units and resume a fight at your disposal.
  • Choose 4 out of eight characters to fight with. You can change your party on a whim.
  • Loot objects from your enemies to make your mercenaries as strong as possible.
  • Travel through the world of Aarklash and discover the lore just like in the miniatures game Confrontation.


I saw some of Aarklash: Legacy at E3 and it is shaping up to be a great game and a massive improvement over the previous title. Aarklash is projected to release through Steam in September of this year.

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