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Neverwinter’s Highest Level Adventure Zone in Open Beta!

Perfect World released the following:

Since Tuesday’s Open Beta launch, we’re so pleased to see Neverwinter as one of the top 6 games on Twitch! We’re blown away by how many people are experiencing Neverwinter right now, so thanks again for sharing our excitement. Please let me know if you want to interview our developers about Open Beta.

Today, we have unveiled a brand new trailer about Whispering Caverns, the highest-level adventure zone currently available for Neverwinter’s Open Beta launch.

The zone is situated in the Underdark, where players will travel through passages, an underground labyrinth of forgotten tunnels, rough-hewn caves, giant underground cities, and even strange alien environments. There will be many new and fierce monsters along the way.Could this be the gateway to long-lost Gauntlgrym itself?

Find out more here: http://nw.perfectworld.com/news/?p=881041

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