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NeverDead Review

Bryce Boltzmann, Once upon a time he was bishōnen demon hunter until his wife was killed and he was turned into an immortal by demon king Astaroth. Now 500 years later he is a bitter, unkempt, alcoholic, demon hunter for hire. He now works with a partner Arcadia Maximille hunting demons to pay for his booze habits, and to try to kill Astaroth.

Your partner Arcadia’s personality is that of a cock tease, placed in game for no other reasons that to provide for the occasional chance at the Game Over screen when you fail to help her when she falls, and so they could add some tits and ass into the game. He outfit consists of a low cut cleavage exposing sweater dress that barely covers her ass, and most of her dialog is boring, consisting of either a complaint or further innuendo. The upside to her is that as an AI she is far from useless and can he more than helpful in a few instances in actual fighting situations.

The combat styles are mostly limited to gun and swordplay, you do have a melee option but i found myself forgetting it was there. The gun play consists or dual wielding what available weapons you have, and each hand can hold a different weapon that you have picked up. Throughout the game you will pick up various additional weapons like SMG, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, or even more powerful Swords. Each enemy type you come across will have certain weaknesses including weapon, Spoons for example are weak against sword attacks and guns do almost no damage to them. Now i know what your thinking, what king of enemy is named Spoon. Well NeverDead has a lot of weird enemy type names; Spoon, Grandbaby, Puppy, Panda Bear, Womb, or  Birdy, and it doesn’t end there.

Look at the cute little Panda Bear!

The health system is a little interesting because you are immortal and cannot die, so what NeverDead gives you is a limb system. As you take damage from enemies your limbs will fall off and you will need to collect them or regenerate them in order to get back to prime fighting condition. To reattach limbs you just have to perform a combat roll over your missing limb and it will reattach itself, and if you find yourself down to just a head you will need to roll around and collect limbs or reattach your head back to your torso, but one thing to be wary of is when reduced to just a head is to make sure to avoid the grandbabies or they will eat your head, and unless you manage to escape, you will be digested for all eternity. So that’s on way to die…. kind of.

The game has an upgrade system that allows you to but skills with souls you gain from killing enemies, but you do have a limit on how many skills you can have equipped at any time. Skills range from increased damage, added effects to attacks, speed boosts, EXP boosts, or even alternate dialog. And speaking of dialog, this game may be lacking in some areas but i did enjoy the banter throughout the game, although not as graphic, it did remind me of Shadows of the Damned which much like NeverDead, is another game that came in under the radar with little to no marketing.

One thing i find funny is how 500+ years of immortality can change a man so much. Bryce started out as a pretty boy demon hunter filled with honor and who you could tell believed in the fight, but after becoming immortal and losing his wife all he seems to care about is when he is getting paid and where his next drink is coming from. It’s a stark contrast to say the least, but it does make you think about what he must have gone through not being able to die.

All i can really say is that i enjoyed NeverDead, and it is entirely up to you to decide if you want to give this game a shot. This seems to be a game that is divided among the fans, but I’m on the side that loved it.

7.5 out of 10

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