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NeverDead Preview

500 years ago, a demon hunter and his wife challenged the demon king in a battle. Losing the battle and the love of his life, the demon hunter was rendered immortal by the demon king. His name is Bryce. Brokenhearted with no purpose in life, yet not even permitted to die. Now he hunts weaker demons to earn small change for his daily drinks. Although there is no need for him to eat. Modern day. Behind the shadows of a seemingly peaceful city, many incidents have occurred where it is believed by some that they were caused by “demons”. Their existence have been concealed to the general public by NADA (National Anti Demon Agency), where these incidents are settled in secrecy. However, the forces now grow stronger and dark shadow approaches closer…

Take control of Bryce Boltzmann, an immortal able to survive severe injuries and even losing body parts. Once you start losing body parts you will have to collect the removed limbs of your enemies to replace your appendages.  You will also be teamed with a female partner who will assist you, however she will not be immortal and it’s your responsibility to keep her alive.

The game looks interesting and I for will be looking forward to playing it. It seems to be one of those games that has been flying under the radar due to big name releases such as Final Fantasy XIII-2 that come out on the same day. NeverDead reminds me a bit of Shadows of the Damned and hopefully Rebellion Developments and Konami deliver an equally entertaining games as EA and Grasshopper Studios did with Shadows of the Damned.
Stay tuned in for my review of NeverDead when the game launches.

Release date 1/31/12

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