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NDK NYE Year of the Snake

To welcome in the New Year, NDK for the past 4 years now has held the New Years Eve ball. Unable to attend the premier year, this was my third year attending. As I can say, I like the idea of gathering around friends for such a special time of year, instead of sitting at home around the TV waiting for the ball in New York City to drop even though it had dropped two hours prior.

Many people think the pre-registration on NYE is too expensive, which I can understand, but at the same time I do understand they need to pay their DJs. $20 for permission to enter a dark room with music much too loud to hear your own thought with each of their individual idea of a dress code.


Empress and her date

Empress and her date


The dress code is very strict but not clear. As far as the rules say on the website, it says semi-formal dress wear but yet practically requires every male be in a full suit, yet the rules clearly states that you should go as what your character would wear as formal. Well I know for a fact a lot of character would be more that fine wearing a button down shirt not completely buttoned and a loosely worn tie. Yea apparently the rules require a vest or blazer or sorts.

My friend had gone in and out in slacks a dress shirt and a clip on tie many times until they stopped him at 1130pm suddenly saying he needed to have a vest or jacket. Out raged, he demanded a refund which he was given. And so had many others it seemed, they were keeping a list of how many people were given refunds. I would hope this would be a message that they are maybe doing something wrong.

Another example would be their rules state that if you have to pull your dress/skirt down, it is too short and you are not allowed in, yet at the door there were a couple girls instructed to pull their dresses down then they could go in. Also, rave attire was strictly prohibited yet at least two people were there walking in and out of the ball room freely with complete rave attire, allowed merely for their skirts. Not to mention as soon as the countdown was over there was zero security of the event room.

For those who stayed within the rules, the event was rather enjoyable. The place was full of people who were your friends; there was the friendly cosplay competition. (Even though I have a lot of complaints about the fact that at least one of the male categories is taken by a crossplaying woman just about every year.) There was good music especially seeing as how it was like a flash mob when Gangnam Style by PSY came on. And of course the popping of the balloons at midnight and seeing if you can kill them all or save as many as possible.

I think I would say for those who were having a good time the only bad things were the constant banging on the gong and last call at the bar. Overall though, it looked like everyone was having a good time, even if they didn’t go to the party. And as every late night party, by the time it was all done there were sleepy people, drunk people, happy couples, and friends all around.

The Auction area was really nice, they had a good selection of item, but many started out to expensive. Also the auction was supposed to close at 11pm and I don’t mean to be nitpicky, but they closed to two minutes earlier than the advertised time and I lost my bid because of it but all is fair when it comes to the auction.

Prince and Princess

Prince and Princess

Overall NYE is a good and fun experience but so long as you go by the unclear rules of the right people. And when you’re with friends it get that much better, especially if you’re of age( so it seems, I wouldn’t know, I’m not there quite yet). You get to see all the lovely gowns people put their heart and souls into making, even if you can’t tell that they were working on it mere hours before the event itself.

I have been going for the past 3 year now and I do intend to go again and hope for more improvements equal to moving away from the home Marriot. Speaking of which, the addition of the charity gambling room and pachinko machines were a wonderful addition. I know I had fun playing, and as far as I saw it was almost always crowded over there and everyone was smiling. I hope the pachinko machines are brought back for next year; I think it is a fun way to raise money.

Photo 1 courtesy of Tofusnow Photography

Photo 2 stolen from the Prince’s facebook page

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