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Natsume’s Book of Friends

1234Natsume’s Book of Friends (Aka: Natsume Yūjin-chō) is like watching the kid from The Sixth Sense play Pokémon, except instead of catching all the monsters, he releases them. The hero of the story is Takashi Natsume, a gentle orphan boy with the ability to see spirits. He is plagued with a tragic past of being an outcast, to the point that even his foster families can’t stand his ‘eeriness’. Although he appears to be suffering from Schizophrenia to the normal eye, his amazing supernatural powers were actually inherited from his deceased grandmother Reiko. Unfortunately for him, his grandmother made quite the reputation among the spirits before she died. So now they’re all after him and his special gift left to him by her.

1                                                                   “You’re not Professor Oak…”

Natsume receives The Book of Friends. An old book containing the names of several spirits Reiko had forced or tricked into service. Whoever owns it can control any spirit who signed the book, so typically it’s highly sought after within the spirit realm. One of which is the powerful spirit, Madara, who agrees to become Natsume’s bodyguard under some ‘special circumstances’. Even with that though, Natsume still has a hard time juggling his awkward school life and his personal life, but slowly creates bonds with friends that’ll stick with him for a lifetime.


“Embrace the FEELS!”

This heartwarming and comedic tale was exhausting to get though, simply because of the emotional torment it puts you though. This unique formula was made to make you cry a river of feels. So make sure to have some tissue nearby! The characters are brilliant, some even original. It also helps that the mascot is adorable and easy to make merchandise off of.

I did however want to know more about Natsume’s infamous grandmother. There were cliff hangers teasing you about her story, but no clear explanation of her death, which remains to be unknown. Though it’s apparent she either had great plans, or she was incredibly reckless before she passed on. We won’t know until season two comes out, or until it’s covered in the manga. If you enjoy Japanese folklore you’ll adore this series!


“Good show ‘ol chap!”


-Rin Gonzalez


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