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NASCAR Games for PC and Mobile Platforms Set to Debut This Summer

The leading independent racing game developer Eutechnyx recently announced that they are expanding their NASCAR partnership with two new videogames; NASCAR® The Game™ 2013 for Windows PC and NASCAR®: Redline™ for mobile devices. With the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season off to a great start, both NASCAR® The Game™ 2013 and NASCAR®: Redline™ are the perfect companions for any NASCAR fan, as they put gamers right into the driver’s seat of America’s favorite motorsport.

NASCAR® The Game™ 2013 lets players take to the tracks and redefine races using the new Gen 6 model cars. Supporting an updated and enhanced paint booth tool, players can customize their Gen 6 paint schemes and import them into the games multiple race modes to show the world their design skills. Supporting the new 2013 roster with all the team and driver changes, players can take their own shot at being crowned the Sprint Cup Series Champion by starting a competitive season as a rookie and racing against their favorite drivers in career mode, or race online with friends.

The game also features Inside Line Highlights – scenarios from actual NASCAR races (2011, 2012 seasons) that have been recreated from the actual race telemetry data, which allow players to recreate, relive and rewrite the most exciting NASCAR moments. Additionally, and a first for any sport based videogame, the current 2013 season is being supported by weekly downloadable Inside Line Highlights being available shortly after racing events take place. The package is made complete with commentary provided courtesy of Fox Sports’ Darrell Waltrip and Mike Joy, while the player’s crew is voiced by spotter Ty Norris and crew chief Ray Evernham.

NASCAR®: Redline™ marks the first officially licensed by NASCAR videogame to be available for mobile devices. This is the first videogame of its kind as it delivers an official NASCAR racing experience that puts players into the seat of their own personal stock car. NASCAR®: Redline™ combines touch-reaction racing action with management tools, allowing you to control the way you race. Manage your team, land new sponsorship deals, and outthink your opponent on the track; players of all ages can compete to cross the finish line first against rival racers.

Offering two game modes, Career and Season, Career mode places players at the start of their rookie season and pushes them to progress their way through the Sprint Cup ranks and take on their favorite NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers. Whereas in Season mode, racing fans assume the role of their favorite driver and share each victory as they come.

NASCAR® The Game™ 2013 will be available as pre-purchase with beta access via Steam starting soon with a full release planned later in the Summer for Windows PC. NASCAR®: Redline™ will be available for mobile devices later this summer.

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