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HYBRID MONTH – Naruto:Ultimate Ninja

       Are you ready to become Hokage? Naruto sure is in his first game released on the PS2, “Believe It!!!” In 2006 Bandai Namco and Cyber Connect 2 brought you Naruto Ultimate Ninja.  It being the first Naruto Fighting game it follows the very beginning of Naruto’s life as a ninja and progresses up to the Chunin exams. So if you want to remember the good old days of Naruto running around being an annoying little kid or just starting to get into the series, Ultimate Ninja will definitely get you caught up.

    Ultimate ninja is your basic arcade fighting game with only 14 playable characters, so don’t expect too much.  With a very simple combo system it doesn’t give much creativity to the players fighting style but it does  show almost every move that each character has used in the show and them some.  Although fighting is simple they do incorporate ninja tools, plane transitions and mid-game stage switches that will always keep you on your toes. And even though you may hit with an ultimate attack the defender still has a chance to do minimal damage by imputing the correct combo of buttons which can always turn the tide of battle. But every special has multiple levels, so you have to be quick and focused.

    Story mode is just that, a story. Pick a character and follow their story.  No cut scenes to the  stories makes it a true fight, fight, fight game. And after all 14 characters tales get ready to go on about 100 missions each one  harder than the next. Get ready to spend months  on the missions if you really want to be Hokage. Each mission is just a fight but each fight must be won under certain conditions. Conditions such as; “Do not touch the ground once during the fight.” “Keep opponent from switching planes.”  and “Switch stages more than 3 times.” Sure that sounds easy but the computer always seems to know what your doing and will avoid letting you do it for as long as possible. So believe me you will do the same mission over and over till you get lucky.

    Over all Ultimate Ninja is an alright fighting game if your not looking for anything fantastic. It can keep you busy for  hours, and maybe even loss a couple of hairs in frustration. Like all early fighting games it has cheap characters, one-button to mash combos and a block that never seems to work. Ah the good old days.

6 out of 10

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