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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Announced

The next big fighter for the Naruto Ninja Storm series has been announced to the delight of fans of both the Anime and video games. Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution due for release sometime later this year will be a continuation of the story from Ultimate Ninja Storm 3/3 Full Burst. Although it is a continuation of the story, there is also two new completely original story paths the player will be able to go through such as the Attack from Mecha Naruto, and The Origins of the Akatsuki where you will supposedly be able to fight and recruit the original members into the infamous group. With many original costume designs never seen and over 100 playable characters the game is set to boast its largest roster yet. Also sporting a new game mode called the Ninja World Tournament where you will fight against AI players for Battle orbs, although I am unsure what these are for at the current time. Keep updated with us as more info is revealed on Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. Happy Gaming. mechanaruto_610


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